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Lodge witin MABULA Big 5

Agent: Rudie Swanepoel with Tel Nr: 082 353 3448 and Email: corporate@gamefarmestates.co.za or alternatively rudie@homemail.co.za

Lodge For Sale:
Mabula is 10 000 hectares in Size. Mabula has its own Lodges and there are several private Lodges for sale within the Share block Scheme. The advertised Lodge is also a Private Lodge within the Mabula Sharblock Scheme that is for for sale. This Lodge has 3 Chalets. Each Chalet has a single bedroom with an en-suite bathroom. The main Lodge building has a large open plan dining area with its high ceilings and polished timber floors, adjoining the kitchen with electric cooktop, dishwasher and plenty of storage space. The 2nd level has a spacious living room stretching the length of this exceptional home. Adjoining this you will find the size-able master bedroom which offers those beautiful views, plus a built-in wardrobe, en-suite bathroom, study, laundry and outside shower.
This well-maintained lodge also features a double garage and comes with its own Game viewing vehicle.

The vegetation on a property determines the type and number of animals that can be housed on that particular property. It is therefore very important to monitor the health and composition of plants on the property. Mabula has implemented a vegetation monitoring system 16 years ago which is implemented every year once the grasses have flowered. The focus of this monitoring system is to determine the species composition of grasses and the biomass available for grazing. The result of this exercise and the game counts that are performed during March and September each year are used to determine which animal species numbers to reduce or increase. Mabula also adopted a policy of excluding short term burning of the veld as a management tool. An extensive vegetation management system is in place that involves the slashing of thatch grass, the reduction of bankrupt bush, the eradication of invasive plants such as lantana and prickly pear and the control of bush encroachment. All of these resulted in a gradual increase in veld condition and therefore also an increase in the number of animals that the veld can sustain.

The Mabula elephant herd entered a new era in their long and fruitful history. In April this year we sadly lost one of the Mabula icons. Ngama, the adult elephant bull, unfortunately passed away as a result of serious injuries sustained during a fight with the younger bull Mafuta. Mafuta, aged 16, now has the responsibility of filling the shoes of an adult. This role usually fall upon elephant bulls at the age of about 25. This means that Mafuta did not have the opportunity to go through his teenager phase. The sudden passing away of the dominant bull resulted in Mafuta going into musth a lot sooner than anticipated.
This sudden change in his hormones causes confusion for both him and the herd. It is therefore that we replaced his old satellite collar with a new one so that we can keep track of his movements and closely monitor his behaviour. During this exceptionally long and dry winter, we needed to supplement their diet. Supplementing their diet is a vital part of managing these animals. If we do not supplement their diet in winter, the veld cannot provide in all their nutritional needs. This then lead to them uprooting many trees in order to get to their nutrient rich roots. Adding some supplementary feed reduces this seemingly destructive behaviour of the elephants. Overall it is still going very well with the herd. They continue to provide good sightings for those lucky enough to come across them on their game drives.
In January 2015 Mabula became the proud home of 4 baby cheetah. It was a very welcome surprise when we found out that the young female (Released in December 2013) gave birth to 4 healthy cubs. We decided to stay away from her and the cubs for five weeks in order for her to start raising her first litter without interference from people. Unfortunately, when we tracked her again after the five weeks we noticed that she lost two of her cubs. The remaining two cubs, a brother and sister, is doing very well.
They follow their mother all over the place and is already big enough to start taking part in hunts. They are still very clumsy and do not know what to do with their prey once they have caught it.  In the meantime, the males are carrying on with life as normal. Between all of them, they hunt a wide variety of game that include impala, eland, zebra, blue wildebeest, kudu, nyala, red hartebeest and other smaller mammals. This is very good news and means that they do not target one specific prey species and therefore leading to that species disappearing from Mabula.

A new water reservoir has recently been built at one of our Timeshare camps. This reservoir increased the holding capacity of water on Mabula with 350,000 liters. This means that should we experience a power failure or should one of our water supply pipes burst that we now have the ability to provide water for up to 36 hours without having to pump water.

Mabula Game Reserve has a share block scheme where investors has the opportunity to purchase and built their own lodges on a big 5 game reserve - consisting of more than 10 000 hectares with R10 million worth of game. Ownership of your investment may be registered in your private or company name, or in the name of a syndication, close corporation or trust.

Mabula Infrastructure:
The Waterberg mountain range snugly cradles the renowned Mabula Private Game Reserve, which is home to a mosaic of exceptional scenic landscapes as well as an abundance of wildlife species. Game viewing is at its best against a backdrop of rivers, streams and stretches of open vistas. Mammal species include big game such as elephant, lion, leopard and buffalo. African python and the Nile crocodile are also resident in the reserve which is a birdwatchers’ paradise as well.
The following facilities can be found at Mabula:
- Children’s dedicated play grounds
- Curio Shop
- DSTV limited bouquet package (in all units)
- Entertainment programme for young and old during public school holidays and long 
- Mabula Spa Horse Riding & Quad Rides
- Game Safaris in 4 x 4 Open Safari Game Viewers
- Pool bar (Summer only) and indoor bar at the Main Lodge
- Pool Tables
- Private airstrip (gravel)
- Superette
- Swimming Pool at each camp
- Tennis Courts x 3
- Volley ball court

Services and Levies:
Service charges for Mabula lodge owners makes provision for the essential operating expenses of a game reserve. A typical 8 -sleeper lodge would be charged R24 000 per annum, which is equal to R65.75 per day.

Fauna and Flora:
Mabula is located in a MALARIA FREE area in the heart of the Northern Bushveld Region - at the southern foothills of the Blue Waterberg Mountains - about 45 km west of the bushveld town of Warmbaths. The rainfall season is between October and April, with the highest rainfall being measured in December and January.
The vegetation is a mosaic of different plant communities each of which have their own unique grazing or browsing capacities for various kinds of game. The vegetation is a mosaic of different plant communities each of which have their own unique grazing or browsing capacities for various kinds of game.
The management Mabula Game Reserve is done on a pro-active basis with much rehabilitation of flora, fauna and birds being undertaken: ground hornbill, red billed oxpecker, vulture restaurant, serval cats, free roaming lion, elephant and sickle bush clearing.
More than 50 species of wild animals, 300 species of birds and more than 50 species of trees may be found on the reserve. Broadly speaking the reserve is divided into: open veld, tree savannah, mountain veld, open savannah, wet grasslands, mountainous rock and old fields.

Owners are required to pass the prescribed game rangers course which entitles them to use all the roads of the Mabula Game Reserve.  Approved game viewing vehicles remain on the reserve and form part of the infrastructure when building your own lodge. Private vehicles are only permitted on the main roads between camps and the gate and the lodge.

Selling Price:
The Selling price of this property is R5.7mill. (excl VAT should it be payable).


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