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519ha Rooiberg

Agent: Rudie Swanepoel. Tel Nr: +2782 353 3448 E-mail: corporate@gamefarmestates.co.za   alternatively rudie@homemail.co.za

8 x ±520 hectare portions within a 12 000 hectares Eco-Nature Reserve

Rooiberg / Waterberg area - 1.5hours drive north of Pretoria

Each portion of land will be supplied with a water connections.  Boreholes are strong and equipped. There are several earth dams on the whole reserve as well as drinking holes for game and 1 seasonal sprout that is flowing through the farm.

The original 4400ha farm is located within the 12 000ha Eco-Nature Reserve between Bela Bela and Thabazimbi in the Limpopo Province, South Africa known as Rooiberg. It is nestled between Mabula Big 5 Private Game Reserve and Meletse Golf Estate on the Waterberg Plateau, about two 1.5hour’s drive from Pretoria. The climate of the Waterberg area can be described as temperate and has three distinct seasons, autumn, winter and summer.

The region:
The age of the Waterberg mountains is estimated to be several thousand of years old, with many rock art and geological sites dating back to the Stone Age. Approximately 6 000 square kilometers of the Waterberg is a conservation area with abundant wildlife as well as a bird watchers' paradise. Fences have been removed between the properties of the eight landowners of the Eco-Nature Reserve, within the greater Waterberg, and the game roams freely on the 12 000 hectares eco-reserve.

The Estate:
Care was taken in demarcating the eight residential sites to ensure minimum disruption to the estate both physically and cologically. The sites are not within sight or hearing distance of each other.  Only one dwelling per predetermined site is allowed, as to limit the impact on the land. The developer has retained the services of one of the foremost experts in game lodge architecture in South Africa. Eco-friendly energy sources such as solar power and gas is highly encouraged, and are already successfully being utilized on the property.

Your new lifestyle:
This estate is an exclusive African bush experience which is only accessible to a selected few. It offers a peaceful, secure and serene environment to those who wish to own a private lock-up-and-go farm. The property is divided into 8 farms of ±520ha each and ownership is restricted to single owners or families (no syndication) to keep human densities low. Owners have traverse rights over Eco-Nature Reserve's 12 000ha. A resident estate manager and dedicated staff provide a cleaning, maintenance and security service to each of the 8 subdivided farms.

ou will buy ±519ha in a malaria-free private eco-reserve, managed to sound environmental and ecological principles, to provide a high quality life style for its 8 prospective owners. 120 kilometers of maintained jeep tracks cover this Estate (250 kilometers on the total 12 000ha Eco-Nature Reserve) as well as 70 kilometers of world-class mountain biking trails. The trails are also suitable for walking, game and bird viewing and gives access to the most scenic and isolated sites on the estate. Game viewing, bird watching, cycling, hiking and exploring indigenous flora are among the pleasures afforded to the owners, with 130 indigenous tree species, over 30 mammal species and 300 bird species.

These 8 residential sites have been determined by experts to cause minimum disruption to the estate - physically and ecologically - and are not within sight or hearing distance from each other. Only one dwelling per predetermined site is allowed to limit the impact on the land.

The developer has retained the services of one of the foremost experts in game lodge architecture in South Africa. To increase comfort and affordability the use of indigenous and locally available materials as well as local and traditional forms of building will be encouraged. Gardens should be created from indigenous flora only. Nature lovers will agree that appropriate architecture should reinforce the feeling of bush, by diffusing the impact of the residence as an object and rather blend in with the natural environment. Eco-friendly energy sources such as solar power and gas is highly encouraged, and are already successfully in use on the property. Each owner has traversing rights on the entire estate except directly around a private residence!


This Estate – a “no need to lock up” experience
This Estate’s residents have the privilege of enjoying comprehensive services from the Estate Manager and staff. When you buy and build your own dream Lodge in the African Bush where nature’s wild pulse brings back peace and harmony to your soul...... then know that this is what life is all about; FREEDOM!! Once your Lodge is built and complete, a dedicated maid will open up before you arrive and lock up after you have left. In addition to maintaining the roads, trails, waterholes, hides, and bridges, the services provided by the Estate Manager and staff, which are included in the monthly Estate levy are:

Residence maintenance
-Cutting of lawns and veldt grass
-Preparation of firebreaks
-Water provision
-Gas supply
-Replenishing of fire wood
-Insect control
-Service of gas geysers and fire fighting equipment
-Management of electricians, plumbers, and painters
-Washing of windows and decks
-Pool maintenance
-Garbage removal

Maid’s service (note 1)
-Recruitment and training of suitable lodge staff
-Provision of transport to staff
-Cleaning service during your stay
-Laundry service for linen and towels

Your Own Game Drive Vehicle maintenance
-Weekly wash
-Fuel refill
-Oil and water check
-Tyre maintenance
-Management of regular vehicle service

Each lodge owner has to provide accommodation for service staff required during their stay. Staff are recruited from Rooiberg area and transported to and from the Estate daily when owners are not in residence.
The 12 000ha Reserve Manager is responsible for fence maintenance, game management, fire control and general security.

The Selling price starts from as little as R6.8mill per portion for a lifestyle you deserve.

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