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967ha Steenbokpan

Agent: Andries Du Toit Tel Nr: +2783 292 3833. E-mail: chandrie@icon.co.za

Size: This Eco, Hunting and Game Farm is 967 hectares in size

Farm: Private Eco, Hunting and Game Farm, with the potential for breeding game, ideal for Buffalo, Sable and Golden Wildebeest.

In the vicinity of Ellisras, Limpopo Province, South Africa. Malaria free area.

Two earth dams. Four equipped boreholes (strongest of 3000l per hour) supply the house and water troughs with clean Waterberg water, purified by nature and ready for human consumption.
Two large water tanks are used for household and other purposes plus 2 large water tanks from where the water holes for the game are supplied.
The dam close to the house has a game/bird viewing hide and the dam can be filled with borehole water in times of drought. In addition there are 5 water holes, 2 of which have game viewing hides.

650 - 700mm annually.

Summer  -max. 36 ºC and min. 17 ºC.
Winter  -max. 21 ºC and min. 6 ºC.

This Game Farm consists of mainly a sloping flat topography,sloping east to west.
Breathtakingviews overlooking therolling hills of the Waterberg landscapes.

This beautiful Game Farm consists of a mixture of sloping flats, rocky outcrops and mountainous areas,a portion of which comprises the edge of the Waterberg, stunning views overlooking the entire farm. This mixture of topography creates a diversity of habitats throughout the farm which makes it suitablefor a large variety of game species. Exceptional to this farm is it’s large old Baobab tree.
Altitude varies from 980 – 1150m

The farm roads give good access to all sections of the farm. The farm has several kilometresof roads plus plenty of additional easily accessible gametrails to explore the farm by foot.

This farm is fully game fenced with a 2.4m fence according to the requirements of the Department of Nature Conservation.

Main House:
Comfortable family homewith 4 bedrooms (sleeps 10 people), 2 bathrooms, open plan kitchen, dining and lounge area with DSTV dish, TV and decoder.

Thatched Lapa – Boma braai area
Swimming pool

Three outside store rooms with storage cupboards, laundry and toilet,
2 open garages 
2 carports.

Other Developments:
Staff housingconsists of 2 Brick Houses for Labourers in an enclosed area on a    section of the farm. It has pay-as- you-go electricity.

Loose assets:
A game viewing Land Rover
One trailer
Garden tools.

Household items include:
-10 beds, 8 headboards with 4 dressing tables, lounge furniture (2 couches, 2 chairs & sideboard), TV, DSTV dish and decoder, 2 fridges, microwave and a stove. Kitchen has fixed cupboards.
-Cutlery, crockery and other sundry kitchen and braai equipment
-Pots & pans

Three phase Eskom power.

Large variety day and night birds are present around the house and on the farm.

Game counts:
Giraffe ± 12               Eland± 10                Kudu± 110              Waterbuck ±30
B/W Beest± 40         Gemsbuck± 3           Zebra± 12               Impala± 140

Free roaming Game:
Bush pig, mountain reedbuck, warthog,Leopard, duiker, klipspringer, black-
backed jackal, chacma baboon, steenbok, brown hyena, aardvark, and Bat Eared Fox, bushbuck, cheetah, wild dog, caracal. Nocturnal animals can be seen around the house and on the farm – Bush babies, Owls, African Wild Cats, Rabbits and Porcupine

Vegetation: Dominant Tree Species

Plains & Riverine:
Boabab                                 Adansonia digitata
Marula                                  Sclerocaryabirrea
Tamboti                                Spirostachysafricana
Wild Seringa                         Burkea Africana
Black Monkey-Orange          Strychnosmadagascariens
Silver Cluster-Leaf                Terminalia sericea
Sickle Bush                            Dichrostachyscinerea
African weeping Wattle        Peltophorumafricanum
African Olive                        Oleaeuropaea
Buffalo-thorn Jujube          Ziziphusmucronata
Flame-pod Acacia               Acacia ataxacantha
River Bushwillow               Combretum erythrophyllum
Sweet-thorn Acacia           Acacia karroo
Wild Pear                            Dombeyarotundifolia

Rocky & mountainous areas:
Weeping Faurea                 Faureasaligna
Horn-pod Tree                   Diplorhynchuscondylocarpon
Milkplum                           Englerophytummagalismontanum
Red Bushwillow                Combretum apiculatum
PaperbarkAlbizia              Albiziatanganyicensis
Bushveld Resin Tree          Ozoroa paniculosa
Mountain Kirkia                Kirkia wilmsii
Live-long Lannea               Lannea discolor
Peeling-bark Ochna          Ochnapulchra

Dominant Grass Species:
Red Grass                          Themedatriandra
Common Thatching Grass    Hyparrheniahirta
Spear Grass                        Heteropogoncontortus
Common Russet Grass        Loudetia simple
Bristle-leaved Red Top        Melinisnerviglumis
Couch Grass                     Cynodondactylon
Guinea Grass                    Panicum maximum
Common Finger Grass       Digitariaeriantha
Mountain Bristle Grass       Setarialindenbergiana
Weeping Love Grass          Eragrotiscurvula
Herringbone Grass            Pogonarthriasquarrosa
Natal Red Top                   Melinisrepens

Days are spent birding & game viewing with different species of our feathered friends. If relaxing is more your scene, this is where you want to ease out under the large trees while birds & squirrels entertain you as they go about their daily activities

Price: R8.5mill 
(excl VAT should it be payable)


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