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Shareblock for sale in Vaalwater

Agent: Andries du Toit. Tel Nr: +27832923833. E-mail: chandrie@icon.co.za

Shares: Share – 700m² undeveloped stand.

Farm: Private Shareblock Game Farm

Size of the whole farm: 1500 ha

Location: This Private Game Farm private game farm in the Waterberg, situated about 20min drive from Vaalwater. 

Description: The farm is operated on a shareblock system and provides a welcome getaway to the bushveld for shareholders.

Game found on the farm include giraffe, kudu, zebra, impala, blesbok, waterbuck, gemsbok, mountain reedbuck, red hartebeest, blue wildebeest and bushbuck.  Numerous varieties of smaller game sorts are also found as well as a wealth of different bird varieties.  There are no large predators on the farm, making it safe to walk or cycle.  Leopard occurs naturally in the area but are very shy and rarely seen.

The area is one of great natural beauty and is very unspoilt.  Being only 2.5 to 3 hours drive from Johannesburg makes it an ideal weekend getaway.  The fact that the area is malaria free is an added bonus.

Flora: The veldt is typical sour grass grazing and sour bushveld, with a large selection of indigenous flora such as silver cluster-leaf, wild seringa, Transvaal beech (boekenhout), large fruited bush willow, live-long,  kudu berry, peeling plane, monkey orange to mention just a few.

Price: R475 000.00 excl VAT should it be payable)

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