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544 ha Rooiberg

Agent: Rudie Swanepoel. Tel Nr: +2782 353 3448 E-mail: corporate@gamefarmestates.co.za   alternatively rudie@homemail.co.za

Farm: Game Farm within a Nature Reserve

±544 hectare portion within a 12 000 hectares Eco-Nature Reserve

Rooiberg / Waterberg area - It lies 180 km north of Pretoria between Mabula and Rooiberg.

This 544 ha portion of land is supplied with a water connection.  Boreholes are strong and equipped. There are several earth dams on the whole reserve as well as drinking holes for game and 1 seasonal sprout that is flowing through the farm

This 544 ha farm situated on the Elandsberg Nature Reserve has a luxury luxury tented camp that sleeps 10. The central lapa has an open plan kitchen,  dinning and lounge area with a fireplace.
Elandsberg Nature Reserve (12 000 ha) was created in 2006 when seven landowners agreed (whilst each retaining full title to their land) to remove fences, share traverse rights, and to manage the reserve as one ecological unit. Elandsberg has all the naturally occurring plains game of the Limpopo Province including sable, roan, buffalo, white rhino, brown hyena and leopard.

All Elandsberg landowners are signatories to an agreement which regulates the ownership and management of the Reserve’s game, and set out rules of conduct to preserve the privacy and future enjoyment of his/her land by each landowner of his own land. In exchange, each landowner benefits from being able to (a) traverse 12 000 ha and (b) participate in an economically viable and scalable game farming operation including rare species such as East African buffalo, white rhino, sable and roan antelope.

To ensure that the Reserve retains its privacy and exclusiveness, Elandsberg landowners have agreed that land may not be subdivided below 500 ha, and that only one lodge of not more than 12 guest beds may be erected per 500 ha. Syndicated ownership within the Reserve is not encouraged and required prior disclosure and approval. In addition to the 250 km of jeep track available for game viewing on Elandsberg it has 75km of mountain biking/ hiking trails. Leisure quad- and off road motor biking is not allowed.

Game ownership:
Elandsberg Nature Reserve (Pty) Ltd owns the game on the Reserve conservatively valued in excess of R16m. Each existing landowner currently own shares in Elandsberg representing his/her share of the game. The game farming operation is managed by the Elandsberg Reserve manager on a day to day basis under the regular and close supervision of the Elandsberg board. The purchase (price and quantum) of Elandsberg shares by new Elandsberg landowners are subject to negotiation. More information is available on request.

The Elandsberg Reserve manager is responsible for game management, perimeter fence maintenance, fire control and security. He also oversees a limited amount of hunting by professional hunters in winter which assists in defraying Reserve management costs. The Elandsberg landowners receive a small free hunting quota each year for non-commercial use. There is a monthly Elandsberg Nature Reserve levy per every 500 ha of land owned.

The cost barrier for single new entrants to the rare species game farming industry has become prohibitive due to (a) the rapidly escalating cost of rare game, and (b) the large number of animals required to achieving a return on the overheads of the operation including employing a skilled game manager. The Elandsberg cooperative farming project has enabled existing and prospective landowners to become part of this lucrative industry at much lower cost due to the pooling of capital and resources via Elandsberg. Elandsberg is projecting to commence paying dividends on its B shares in 2016 as its rare species’ herds get to full production.

Welgedacht Estate management services:
Welgedacht Maintenance Services (Pty) Ltd provides a full range of management services including maintenance of 120 km of jeep track, 70 km of marked cycling/walking tracks, provision of water to each lodge, and lodge and vehicle maintenance and cleaning services to eight adjacent farms on Elandsberg. The basic compulsory Welgedacht farm levy starts at R11 000.00 per month (road maintenance, water supply, rubbish removal etc.) and owners can then draw on a menu of additional services. There is a comprehensive lodge maintenance service at an additional cost per month should you wish to make use of it.

Price: R8.5mill
(This price excludes VAT should it be payable)

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