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98ha Sterkrivier

Agent: Rudie Swanepoel. Tel Nr: +2782 353 3448 E-mail: corporate@gamefarmestates.co.za alternatively rudie@homemail.co.za 

Farm: Cattle farm with good game farm potential

Size: 98ha (adjoining 25ha is also for sale)

Location: Situated in the Sterkrivier Area. It is a mere 195km drive north from Pretoria in the Limpopo Province of South Africa. It is estimated to drive 1H15 min from Gauteng to the farm.

Water:  2 bore holes are very strong and 1 is equipped. There 2 earth dams on this property.

Developments:  There is a house with 3 bedrooms, 3 bathroom, a TV room, open-plan kitchen, one closed veranda and one large open veranda. A flat with 1 bedroom, bathroom, living area and a veranda.

Exterior buildings: 1 shed and a garage.

Fencing:  This farm is fully game fenced on two sides only. The rest is cattle fencing.

Vegetation: The following tree and grass species do occur naturally on the property
Dominant Tree Species
Plains & Riverine:
Burkea / Wild Seringa                Burkea Africana
Black Monkey-Orange                Strychnos madagascariens
Silver Cluster-Leaf                     Terminalia sericea
Sickle Bush                               Dichrostachys cinerea
African weeping Wattle              Peltophorum africanum
African Olive                            Olea europaea
Buffalo-thorn Jujube                  Ziziphus mucronata
Flame-pod Acacia                      Acacia ataxacantha
River Bushwillow                       Combretum erythrophyllum
Sweet-thorn Acacia                    Acacia karroo
Wild Pear                                 Dombeya rotundifolia

Dominant Grass Species:
Red Grass                                 Themeda triandra
Common Thatching Grass          Hyparrhenia hirta
Spear Grass                              Heteropogon contortus
Common Russet Grass               Loudetia simple
Bristle-leaved Red Top               Melinis nerviglumis
Couch Grass                             Cynodon dactylon
Guinea Grass                            Panicum maximum
Common Finger Grass               Digitaria eriantha
Mountain Bristle Grass               Setaria lindenbergiana
Weeping Love Grass                  Eragrotis curvula
Herringbone Grass                    Pogonarthria squarrosa
Natal Red Top                          Melinis repens

Typographic: The farm consists of beautiful African bush open sloping open grass lands with a stunning view.

Impression:   This farm is perfect for exotic game breeding on a small scale. This property is truly a very nice portion of land!

Price: R3.4mill (excl. VAT and transfer fees)

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