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815ha Bela Bela

Agent: Rudie Swanepoel. Tel Nr: +27823533448. E-mail: corporate@gamefarmestates.co.za alternatively

± 815 hectares (±2014 Acres) – Private Game and Hunting Farm

In the vicinity of Bela Bela (also known as the Billionaires Belt), Limpopo Province, South Africa. The farm is situated in a malaria free area within the Waterberg Biosphere - world heritage site in the Limpopo Province of South Africa.
It is 140 km from Pretoria which is a 1H30 min drive.

The farm consists of one title deed which is registered in the Sellers Trust
Province: Limpopo Province
Servitudes:  There are no road servitudes that subdivide the property.
VAT registered

This 815 ha property is a combination farm - a private Game Farm for personal use and to get away from the hectic City life and a Hunting Farm - which forms a good income to any game farm. T

This beautiful portion of land has a good typical South African Hunting Lodge located in the heart of the African bush.  This Lodge comprises of 2 Buildings which is separate from each other but they are mirror images of each other.

Each Building has 2 bedroooms and each bedroom has iets own bathroom. There are 4 beds per room. Each building has its own Kitchen as well as its own Boma and Bonfire BBQ place. 16 people in total can be accommodate in these tow buildings in the Hunters lodge. 
House 1 - Main House:
This house area has 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms. The main bedroom has an en-suite bathroom. There is a Loft area with some additional beds as well which make this a forth bedroom. The main louse has a small open plan dinning and lounge area with a beautiful kitchen.

Right next to the Main House is a Thatch roof Entertainment - this lovely building is an open plan Lounge,  Dining and Bar area.
There is a Thatch roof building next to the Entertainment Building which is an “outside” kitchen, There is a Large Boma and BBQ area. The atmosphere in this areas is very homely and done in true African style.

The Main House area has it own separate chalet. This is an open plan 2 bedroom chalet with a bathroom.

House 2 - Managers House:
This house is similar to the main house and nothing less could be said about this house. It also has an open plan Kitchen and Lounge area, 3 bedrooms with 1 bathroom and a separate Toilet area. This house has its own Laundry area and its own BBQ area.

The Managers House area has a 1 Bedroom with 1 bathroom Cottage.   

Other Developments:
There are several storage rooms for implements and vehicles as well as a tool room with a workshop.

The Property has a nice Butchery and cold room.
There are neat labour accommodation for the staff working on the property.


This is a fantastic low maintenance private Game and Hunting Farm with only one breeding camp

Game  Farm in extend of ±815 Hectares
Located in the Malaria Free north of Pretoria in South Africa, near Mabula Big 5 reserve as well as Mabelingwe Big 5 reserve and also in close proximity to Zebula and Elements Golf Courses.... in the Billionaires Belt of the Limpopo Province is this truly well managed and well developed Private Game and Hunting farm with a 10ha Breeding Camp for Sable. Overlooking the well known Waterberg Mountain, releases a pulse to the rhythm of Africa’s heartbeat deep within your soul. This game farm proudly portrays a true picture of a well managed farm in South Africa.

The farm roads give good access to different sections of the farm. The farm has several kilometers of roads plus plenty of additional easy accessible game trails to explore the farm by foot.

Game Fence
The farm’s boundary fence is full game fenced with a 2.4m high, 21 stands game fencing and it is electrified as well. All game fencing is accordingly to the requirements of nature conservation.

Breeding Camps:
There is only 1 breeding camp with its own water holes as well as a game boma. This game breeding camp is 10 ha in size and the facilities for the breeding of game is prefect!!

There are 3 earth dams (one is very big) and a 2 km seasonal sprout flowing through the farm. There are 2 equipped boreholes that supply the farm with clean Waterberg water, purified by nature and ready for human consumption.

Rainfall: 650 - 800mm annually.

Temperatures: Summer  - max. 38 ºC and min. 17 ºC.
                          Winter  -   max. 27 ºC and min. 5 ºC.

Climate:  The Bela Bela area has a unique healthy climate. The summer night temperatures drop down to below 17 ºC, which makes it bearable without a need of air-conditioning. 

There is a great variety grasses and trees. Herewith is a short list of just a few of the many trees:



Monkey Thorn



Red Thorn



Common hook thorn



Flat Flowered Aloe



White pear



Red ivory



Red bushwillow



Velvet bushwillow



Large-fruited bushwillow






Common resin tree






Weeping wattle



Bitter bush grape



Bushman’s grape


Birrea subsp. Caffra




African flame tree






Silver terminalia



Small sourplum



Large sourplum



Buffalo thorn

Trees are not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing to the eye, as can be seen from pictures. A wide variety of indigenous trees cover these beautiful area forming a breathtaking tranquil landscape and being an important part of animal, bird and insect nutrition.                                                        

Dominant Grass Species:

Red Grass

Themeda triandra

Common Thatching Grass

Hyparrhenia hirta

White Buffalo

Panicum Coloratum

Common Russet Grass

Loudetia simple

Bristle-leaved Red Top

Melinis nerviglumis

Couch Grass

Cynodon dactylon

Guinea Grass

Panicum maximum

Common Finger Grass

Digitaria eriantha

Mountain Bristle Grass

Setaria lindenbergiana

Weeping Love Grass

Eragrotis curvula

Herringbone Grass

Pogonarthria squarrosa

The following game is included in the sale and is roaming freely on the open farm. These numbers below are all estimate numbers but the owner believe that these numbers are very conservative as none of the new born babies have been added:
Impala ±160                Zebra ±25                        Waterbuck ±4                       Kudu ±65
Eland ±8                      Nyala ±35                        Red Hartebeest ±1                Blue Wildebeest ±100
Giraffe ±8                    Blessbuck ±20                  Sable ±11 (9 in breeding camp and 3 on open farm)
Note: The game numbers are very conservative and the manager believes it is accurate.

Free roaming Game
Duiker, Warthog, Bushpig, Rock rabbit, Porcupine, Ant bear, Pangolin, Chacma baboon, Vervet monkey, Yellow mongoose, African wild cat, Honey badger, Hedgehog, Lesser bush baby, Slender mongoose, Tree squirrel etc. This farm has exceptional nocturnal life.

Any wilderness is vital to mankind and so this is one of the greatest gifts Africa can offer you… a 815 hectare of space with development potential to take full advantage of the spectacular uninterrupted wilderness. There is a sunny lightness and warmth about this game farm. There are no words to describe the true beauty of what this property can offer any investor. Farm will be sold with all implements and game.

This Game Farm has a ratio of 70% flat with a slight slope. There are 25% rolling typography and 5 % rocky outcrops/hills. This property also has a very good carrying capacity due to the mixture of sweetveld and sourveld combination and the fact that the property has 2 km of seasonal sprout - this gives the farm added habitat. The property is very well balanced and because of the type of terrain, any game drive will never be boring. This is a stunning game farm - not to big and not to small...just perfectly right!! 

The Selling Price is based on several factors pertaining to recent farm sales in the area as well as the size of the subject property.
Price: R13.5mill (This price excludes VAT should it be payable)


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