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Agent: Rudie Swanepoel,  Tell No +27 82 353 3448,  email ; corporate@gamefarmestates.co.za alternatively rudie@homemail.co.za

Mokaikai is a special place where you can truly experience the wild beauty of nature by simply relaxing on the patio of your own private game lodge. Drive through the bush with your guests in your own game drive vehicle viewing wild animals and birds up close with no-one urging you to move on. Spend time identifying the myriad of trees and grasses while walking on your own private trails in Mokaikai.

Land Size: The Lodge is constructed on a 1 hectare portion of land. This 1 ha forms part of the Mokaikai development that was incorporated into the Mabula Big 5 Game Reserve which is more than 10 000 hectare in size.

Water: This Lodge is supplied with water from boreholes. The whole reserve has several waterholes where game comes to drink water.

Location: Nestled at the foot of the Waterberg Mountain near Bela Bela which is less than 2 hours drive from Johannesburg. 

The Lodge: This immaculate Lodge reflects elegance and its African sophisticated architecture offers you extraordinary views of the African plains..... This lodge consists of the following:
- Main bedroom with bathroom in main lodge
- Full kitchen with gas stove and pantry
- Large dining room
- Double volume entrance
- Large lounge
- TV Room with bathroom and shower
- Pool table, bar and lounge
- Various viewing decks
- Under roof dining room/veranda
- Enclosed Boma
- Heated pool with pool decks
- A Storeroom
- 6 car ports
- Fully paved driveway and parking area.

Accommodation: There are 3 chalets. Each chalet consists of a double bed and bathroom with an outside shower to give you that “romantic experience”. Each chalet has a patio overlooking the vast expanse for this Big 5 country land. The chalets are all thatch roof buildings with rich African interior styles.

There is a an additional thatch roof chalet which is the staff chalet. It has a bedroom with a bathroom on suite and with separate kitchen and dining room. This building is more or less the same as the other chalets. The domestic worker resides in this building.

The owner have relocated to Knysna on retirement and wish to sell this immaculate property. The owner would prefer an outright sale but he would also look at fractional ownership of up to 7 shareholders. the onwer himself can provide the finance to the buyers as well. This Lodge is registered in a Company (Pty).

Mokaikai Game Reserve - Mokaikai  is a uniquely structured project designed to bring ownership of your own secure, professionally managed, private game reserve - consisting of more than 10 000 hectares with R10 million worth of game to those of you who have often dreamed of owning your own farm but where traditional methods of game farm ownership have restricted this goal to remain as just a dream.

The Mokaikai ownership option now brings this dream to reality by drastically reducing the cost of effectively owning your own game farm, and allows you the freedom to just arrive and be able to relax in the vast outdoors and when your stay is over you can simply "lock up and go".

The unique Mokaikai development is limited to 37 freehold sites - of 1 hectare each (100m x 100m), strategically situated around a hill overlooking great bushveld plains and the Blue Waterberg Mountains and on which you can build your own dream game lodge.

Ownership of this investment may be registered in your private or company name, or in the name of a syndication, close corporation or trust. You even have the change to take over the current Pty in which this Lodge is registered.

Mokaikai Infrastructure:
Mokaikai owners invest in a mature and professionally managed reserve, which has operated successfully for  the past twenty years and provides the following:
- More than 300km game drive roads.
- Fence line management roads.
- Privately manned and secured entrance gatehouse.
- Electricity to eight transformer sites.
- Electrified fences along the 47km perimeter of the reserve.
- Sixteen dams built.
- Provision of water to each site.
- Roads to each of the 37sites.
- 2000 head of over 50 species of game, 300 species of birds and over 50 species of trees, are to be found in the reserve.
- Mabula airstrip: 24°44'S 27°54'E; 4200ft;
- Runway: 32/14; 1300 metres and is a grass strip.

Services and Levies:
Service charges are the same as those for Mabula lodge owners.

Fauna and Flora:
Mokaikai is located in a MALARIA FREE area in the heart of the Northern Bushveld Region - at the southern foothills of the Blue Waterberg Mountains - about 45 km west of the bushveld town of Warmbaths. The rainfall season is between October and April, with the highest rainfall being measured in December and January.

The vegetation is a mosaic of different plant communities each of which have their own unique grazing or browsing capacities for various kinds of game. The vegetation is a mosaic of different plant communities each of which have their own unique grazing or browsing capacities for various kinds of game.

The management of The Greater Mabula Game Reserve is done on a pro-active basis with much rehabilitation of flora, fauna and birds being undertaken: ground hornbill, redbilled oxpecker, vulture restaurant, serval cats, free roaming lion, elephant and sickle bush clearing.

More than 50 species of wild animals, 300 species of birds and more than 50 species of trees may be found on the reserve. Broadly speaking the reserve is divided into: open veld, tree savannah, mountain veld, open savannah, wet grasslands, mountainous rock and old fields.

Owners are required to pass the prescribed game rangers course which entitles them to use all the roads of The Greater Mabula Game Reserve.  Approved game viewing vehicles remain on the reserve and form part of the infrastructure when building your own lodge. Private vehicles are only permitted on the main roads between camps and the gate and the lodge.

Extensive walking trails, available to Mokaikai owners only, are situated on the mountainous areas of the reserve where you seldom come into contact with game. No hunting or commercial activities are allowed save for the owner of the Mabula Lodge, who owns all commercial rights.

The Greater Mabula Game Reserve - of which Mokaikai makes up nearly 25% - is a mature, professionally managed wilderness area of more than 10 000 hectares.  The abundant and varied game, birds, trees and grasses on the reserve make it one of the most sought after anywhere in the region. Limiting the reserve roads to recognised game drive vehicles, has further enhanced the wilderness experience and lessened the human impact on nature.

Price: R6.5mill as a outright sale (all prices excl. VAT should it be payable and excludes loose assets)


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