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500ha Naboomspruit

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Agent: Elsa Ferreira . Tel Nr: +27843053878. E-mail:

Farm: This is currently a combination of game and cattle and some irrigation

Size: 500ha

Location: This beautiful farm is excellent situated in the Limpopo Province of South Africa near Naboomspruit(now Mookgopong) . It is a 2H30 drive to the farm from Pretoria tar road and only a short distance on a dirt road.

Water: This farm has sufficient water - 4 Boreholes for which two are equipped, there is 4 earth dams on the farm the water flow to these dams come from the side outflows of a well known river in the area and seasonal sprout on the farm. The rainfall is average 600mm per year.

Irrigation: There is 40ha under pivot irrigation. There is potential for more irrigation land area with extra development

Developments: There is a main house with 4 bedrooms 2 bathrooms, kitchen, pantry, laundry, TV room, dining room.  There is also a swimming pool.  There is a second house on the farm which needs some attention and there are store rooms as well. There is a chalet with a kitchen and water facilities and a thatched roof lapa and braai area. There are several open and closed store rooms. There is a cold room as well.

Game: Kudu, Impala, and there are plenty Warthog as well as small game species like, Steenbuck, Duiker, Warthog, Bush pig, Bush buck, Klipspringer & great variety of birds.

Fencing: The game farm area is fully fenced with both cattle and game fencing.

Typographic: This beautiful farm consists rolling topography with good Savannah areas and a seasonal sprout that is flowing through the farm. The small mountain area creates the most beautiful nature scenes. Open planes with good pastures that insure you of a well-balanced bushveld farms. Due to the unspoiled nature, you will find the most spectacular sunsets, find unsurpassed peace and tranquility while in the distance nocturnal life comes alive at night. Because of the rolling typographic landscaping, 90% of the farm can be utilized and accessed. Indeed this is a still wilderness hidden in a peaceful atmosphere that brings out the most in tranquility and the softness of Nature

A large selection of indigenous flora such as silver cluster-leaf, wild seringa, Transvaal beech (boekenhout), red bush willow, large fruited bush willow, live-long, kudu berry, peeling plane, monkey orange, leadwood and selected acacias to mention only a few.

Price: R9.9mill (excl. VAT should it be payable)