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100 ha Groblersdal

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Agent: Rudie Swanepoel. Tel Nr: 082 353 3448 E-mail:  alternatively

Farm:  Game Farm within a 1966 ha Game Reserve

Size:  18 title deeds of ±100 ha each from which there are still 7 of these ±100 ha within the 1966 ha Game Farm Estate for sale. These 7 remaining farms range from 97 ha to 123 ha.

Location:   Groblersdal which is a mere 1.5 hours drive from Pretoria

Water: Water is strong and available. There are sufficient water points and is well dispersed.

Developments: There is no developments on this farm. Here you have the opportunity to develop your own house which you can unitize as you weekend break away farm like several of the other owners already did. Traversing rights over the whole reserve makes this opportunity the best bargain in a long time. You have the right to develop your dream house or hide away home... the perfect opportunity to invest in your retirement goal.

Game:  Impala, Water buck, Kudu, Giraffe, R/hartebeest, Blesbuck, B/Wildebeest, Nyala, Zebra, Eland, Oryx, loads of warthog and bird life is exceptional good and roam free over the whole game reserve.

Fencing: The 1966 ha is game fenced in total but the 100ha will not be game fenced

Typographic: This beautiful game farm is so typical to the area. This farm is worth every cent as it is on this farm where you will rediscover the real purpose of life as nature will reveal the glory of our Creator to you. Try to imagine yourself in the heart  of the African bush, no pollution, no noises, away from the hectic city life . . . imagine yourself relaxing under a large Maroela tree as the crackling sound of the bush veld BBQ and the smell of a thick stake awake your senses and the sound of nature soothes your soul. Can you imagine anything better than this?

This Private Game Farm Estate has been developed to establish an environment which is secure and in harmony with the African bush and its fauna and flora. There are guide lines to ensure that the character of this Private Game Farm Estate plus your farm are protected and remains one of the finest developments of its kind in the entire region. These rules have been adopted to ensure and promote the bush and wildlife experience at its best and these rules are purely here to protect your investment.

Imagine yourself on a game farm where you and your family can walk in freedom and in a safe environment where you will discover.... it is a privilege and honor to have what this farm offers you. So many will consider you blessed!!

Price: R1.35mill (including all registration fees, VAT and commission)