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435ha Bela Bela

435ha Bela Bela Farm for Sale (3) 435ha Bela Bela Farm for Sale (4)
435ha Bela Bela Farm for Sale (5) 435ha Bela Bela Farm for Sale (6)
435ha Bela Bela Farm for Sale (10) 435ha Bela Bela Farm for Sale (19)
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435ha Bela Bela Farm for Sale (24) 435ha Bela Bela Farm for Sale (25)
435ha Bela Bela Farm for Sale (9) 435ha Bela Bela Farm for Sale (11)
435ha Bela Bela Farm for Sale (12) 435ha Bela Bela Farm for Sale (13)
435ha Bela Bela Farm for Sale (30) 435ha Bela Bela Farm for Sale (32)
435ha Bela Bela Farm for Sale (44) 435ha Bela Bela Farm for Sale (39)

Agent: Rudie Swanepoel Tel Nr: +2782 353 3448  Email:

Farm Portions:           2 Portions – 2 full title deeds
Address:                   In the Waterberg area of Bela Bela, Limpopo Province in South Africa
Land Size:                 434.9494 hectares
Local Authority:         Greater Bela Bela Local Municipality
Title Deeds:              This property has two title deeds registered in the Seller’s Private Name and is VAT registered
Deeds Registry:         Limpopo Province

Description: This 435ha property is a combination farm of Game Breeding and occasional Hunting. This beautiful portion of land has a uniquely built Lodge are in a distinct Bushveld rock style. This Lodge offers comfortable accommodation with luxury finishing’s in soft neutral bushveld colors throughout. You will experience an unprecedented comfort while enjoying the sights and sounds that this Game Lodge has to offer and you are assured of luxury and a comfortable stay just like home.

The Lodge:
The Lodge is a Big Thatch roof Building consisting of the following – all open plan:
Built-in Bar
Kitchen with Pantry,
Lounge area,
Dinning area and
There is a lovely patio (deck), a swimming pool, a Boma and a separate built Games Room with Pool table etc.

There are 4 Chalet Buildings. Two of these Chalets are “single” Chalets. The other two chalets are Double Chalets (two chalets but one Building).
Each Chalet has its own En- Suite Bathroom. Each Chalets has a its own lounge area with a small veranda.
Some of the Chalets has single Beds and some has Double Beds. Some of the bathrooms rooms has both baths and Showers.

Other Developments: 
There is a big Store Room with tools as well as ample parking for vehicles and tractors etc.
There is a separate Feeding Store for the Lucerne Bales.
Separate from the above store rooms is the Slaughtering area with meat processing area and the Cold room.

The whole property is off the grid. A fully functional Sola System operates this property and there is a backup generator.

There are 2 earth dams and there are 2 equipped boreholes which supply the farm with clean Waterberg water, purified by nature and ready for human consumption. The other boreholes are not equipped.

The farm’s boundary fence is fully game fenced with a 2.4m high, 21 stands. All game fencing is accordingly to the requirements of nature conservation. The Breeding camps is predator proof.

There is a great variety grasses and trees. Herewith is a short list of just a few of the many trees:



 Scented Pod



 Sweet Thorn



 Black Thorn



 Camel Thorn



 Velvet bushwillow



 Large-fruited bushwillow





Birrea subsp. Caffra




 Weeping wattle






 Silver terminalia






 Buffalo thorn

Trees are not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing to the eye, as can be seen from pictures. A wide variety of indigenous trees cover these beautiful area forming a breath-taking tranquil landscape and being an important part of animal, bird and insect nutrition
Dominant Grasses:

Red Grass

Themeda triandra

Common Thatching Grass

Hyparrhenia hirta

White Buffalo

Panicum Coloratum

Common Russet Grass

Loudetia simple

Bristle-leaved Red Top

 Melinis nerviglumis

Couch Grass

Cynodon dactylon

Guinea Grass

Panicum maximum

Common Finger Grass

Digitaria eriantha

Mountain Bristle Grass

Setaria lindenbergiana

Weeping Love Grass

Eragrotis curvula

Herringbone Grass

Pogonarthria squarrosa

Natal Red Top

Melinis repens

The following game do occur naturally on the open property:
Impala             25                      Zebra       7
Kudu                18                      Nyala      40
Giraffe              7
Note: The game numbers are very conservative and the manager believes there might be more.

Breeding Game:
The following breeding game are in different camps on the property:
Sable                       37                          Buffalo             15
Golden Wilde Beest   17                           Black Impala     27
Springbuck               15

Free roaming Game
Duiker, Warthog, Bushpig, Rock rabbit, Porcupine, Ant bear, Pangolin, Chacma baboon, Vervet monkey, Yellow mongoose, African wild cat, Honey badger, Hedgehog, Lesser bush baby, Slender mongoose, Tree squirrel etc. This farm has exceptional nocturnal life.

Birds of prey:
Black eagle
Snake eagle
Bateleur eagle
Birds (many species)


Any wilderness is vital to mankind and so this is one of the greatest gifts Africa can offer you… a 435-hectare game farm within the Billionaires belt of South Africa. Take full advantage of this spectacular Game Farm. There is a sunny lightness and warmth about this game farm that can only be experienced in person. There are no words to describe the true beauty of what this property can offer any investor.

Farm will be sold lock, stock and barrel including with all vehicles including tractors, game viewers, equipment, tools etc. Only person items (art works and some antiques are excluded)

Selling Price:
The Selling Price is based on several factors pertaining recent farms sales in the area, exclusivity and taking in consideration the costs of current game breeding herds. The Seller will consider offers in the price range of
R8.0mill (This price excludes VAT should it be payable)