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938ha Nylstroom

938ha Game and Breeding Farm for sale Nylstroom (125)
938ha Game Farm for Sale Nylstroom (5) 938ha Game Farm for Sale Nylstroom (4)
938ha Game Farm for Sale Nylstroom (10) 938ha Game Farm for Sale Nylstroom (11)
938ha Game Farm for Sale Nylstroom (91) 938ha Game Farm for Sale Nylstroom (102)
938ha Game Farm for Sale Nylstroom (98) 938ha Game Farm for Sale Nylstroom (101)
938ha Game Farm for Sale Nylstroom (109) 938ha Game Farm for Sale Nylstroom (108)
938ha Game Farm for Sale Nylstroom (58) 938ha Game Farm for Sale Nylstroom (75)
938ha Game and Breeding Farm for sale Nylstroom (2) 938ha Game Farm for Sale Nylstroom (22)
938ha Game and Breeding Farm for sale Nylstroom (70) 938ha Game Farm for Sale Nylstroom (86)
938ha Game and Breeding Farm for sale Nylstroom (20) 938ha Game Farm for Sale Nylstroom (111)
938ha Game Farm for Sale Nylstroom (55) 938ha Game Farm for Sale Nylstroom (50)

Agent: Rudie Swanepoel. Tel Nr: +27823533448. E-mail: alternatively

 938 hectares (2 345 acres).

The farm is located between Nylstroom (now Modimolle) and Naboomspruit (now Mookgophong)140 km from Zambezi Drive North of Pretoria. Less than 90 min drive from Pretoria North. Double lane highway most of the way. Closest town is Nylstroom (22 km of which 15 km is a gravel road).

The farm consists of 1 title deed which is registered in a Close Corporation which is VAT registered.
Province: Limpopo Province
Servitude’s: there is a right of way to the one next door neighbor. This road cut a 130 ha portion which is divided into 4 breeding camps with a central Boma.

The developments are practical and very, very neat and consists of the following:

There is a five bedroom farm house with 4 bathrooms. Two of the bedrooms has en-suite bathrooms. Loose standing from the house are a further two rooms with one bathroom (mostly used for hunters). All rooms and the TV/Games room in the house have air-conditioning. House fully furnished and comfortable and included in the sale. Many trophy’s and animal skins in the house can also be considered if the buyer is so inclined.

There is a large veranda and outside braai/barbeque area with a kitchenette.  House has a walk in vault and an alarm system.

Additional structures:
There is a  25 meter shooting range. Fully equipped slaughter facilities and Cold Room. Many storage rooms.
Housing for 5 workers/families. Currently have 4 permanent employees and one lady that works in the house. Very trustworthy and knowledgeable employees. One is a foreman on the main farm and one is the foreman in the breeding camps.

There is a large store with a workshop on the one side and enough space to store 1 500 bales of Lucerne on the other side.
4 bow hunting hides.

This is one of the best and practical game and breeding farms on the market.

Game Farm in extend of 938Hectares
Situated in a malaria free area, this Jewel of a game farm is ecologically superb with a rich mix of the typical mixed bushveld attractive large boekenhout and seringa trees with beautiful plains. The entrance gate is located on a 15km distance gravel road.

The farm roads give good access to all sections of the farm. The farm has several kilometres of roads plus plenty of additional trails which is well maintained.

Game Fence
Fully game fenced accordingly to the requirements of the Dept. Nature Conservation. Game fences are regular patrolled by ground staff. Game fence is partly electrified.
The main farm has three dams that are fed by springs and have always been full all year around since the Seller have had the farm. Ample fish in the dams. The farm has one bore hole that gives 22 000 litres of sweet water per hour. Only 25 meters deep. The Seller have never seen the need for more bore holes but guarantee that there will be significant more water available if required.

Rainfall is significant and a blessing. The Seller’s driest year had a rainfall of 650mm. The 2015/16 season was this farm's second driest year with rainfall of 787mm. In the 2014/15 year the rainfall was 1 163mm!

Three of the neighboring farms also cultivate citrus trees, strawberries, corn etc. Some make use of large sprinkler systems (center pivots) to irrigate their produce from dams. There is significant possibility to do the same on the Seller's farm should a new owner be so inclined

There is a great variety grasses and trees. These trees are not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing to the eye, as can be seen from pictures. A wide variety of indigenous trees cover these beautiful area forming a breath taking tranquil landscape and being an important part of animal, bird and insect nutrition.

The Property is 95% flat with a some slight slope areas and a small hill side in the one corner. Mostly sour grass. About 40% of the farm is grasslands and the remainder has trees and bush. Easy to view the game and to hunt.

The Farm is well balanced with a large variety of game. This region, being the centre of the South African echo tourism heartbeat and Big 5 game reserves, and well known between local as well as overseas investors, has some of the largest trophy game in South Africa. Best estimate of animals on the farm and this is before the new babies are born in December of 2016. The farm is well stocked with animals that are used to the conditions on the farm and many animals can be hunted this coming year. (market value R3 million)

Impala 120,                   Kudu 30,             Giraffe 10,              B/W Beest 70,               Oryx 2
R/hartebeest 30,            Ostrich 15,           Zebra 60,                Waterbuck 30,              Eland 25,
M/Rheedbuck 10,           Rheedbuck 25,     Duiker 10               Klipspringer 15,             Steenbok 6,
Blessbuck  160 (70 white and 90 brown)

Breeding Game
Connecting all the breeding camps is a large boma (60m x 50m) with two sliding gates connecting each camp. Inside is a large camp and 6 smaller camps that can be used to “sort” the animals to be sold or switched between the camps. On the one side is also a loading ramp to load animals onto any size vehicle. Animals can therefore be passively captured, sorted and loaded. This is a state of the art boma setup and the replacement cost is estimated at R1,2 million.

The outside of the camps have a double fence that is electrified and has jackal fence at the bottom. System works very well and in the past year not one of the babies that were born was eaten by a predator.

The Seller sold all breeding game species on the farm.

Loose Assets (Estimated value R1 million)
1 x Nissan Patrol 4.2 diesel truck fully equipped for hunting
1 x “New” Landini tractor with the necessary implements to scrape the roads etc.
2 x trailers (1 large 1 small)
2 x firefighters. One trailer and one that fit on the back of a truck.
1 x new slasher
Numerous further tools and equipment like generators etc. used on the farm.

The farm and everything on it is housed in Closed Corporation (CC) that was registered in 2006. The CC is VAT registered. The would like to sell the CC as a whole and this has the benefit to the buyer that he/she will not have to pay any property registration fees that could be significant! The Seller have annual financial statements for the last 10 years and have been very prudent with his accounting. If the prospective buyer purchases the CC as a whole (the Seller’s membership in the CC) then the Seller will provide a guarantee and take responsibility for any debts (if any) or possible mistakes made prior to the date of purchase. The Seller built the farm up over many years while he was still full time employed and made significant investments over the years. The CC has built up a significant assessed loss and only became cash positive and profitable over the last 3 years. Current assessed loss of R2.5 million is an asset for a prospective new owner as he/she will be able to utilize this to not pay any tax until this loss has been eroded by profits made. The farm is now self-sustainable and very profitable.

Two years ago the Seller sold 24 months old black impalas for R500 000 each and today they would be valued at some 25 000 to R30 000. At the same time he sold 24 months old Sable heifers for R330 00 and today he would be probably get R150 000. So the prices for exotic game have fallen significantly and have in fact over corrected. Any prospective buyer would be purchasing at the bottom of the cycle versus buyers that bought a few years ago at the peak.

Total value of the CC is: R19 million
Farm land and fixtures R15 million
Animals on the main farm R3 million
Vehicles, furniture and equipment R1 million
(Remember the benefit of the R2.5 million assessed loss is not included in the price above

The Selling Price is based on several factors pertaining to recent farm sales in the area as well as the size of the subject property and the loose assets with game breeding prices.

Farm land and fixtures and general game on open farm Price: R16.5 million (This price excludes VAT should it be payable)

The Seller is willing to accept a REASONABLE DEPOSIT and will finance the balance