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65 178ha Namibia

65000ha Big 5 Private Nature Reserve for Sale Namibia b
65000ha Big 5 Private Nature Reserve for Sale Namibia a15 65000ha Big 5 Private Nature Reserve for Sale Namibia a14a
65000ha Big 5 Private Nature Reserve for Sale Namibia a16 65000ha Big 5 Private Nature Reserve for Sale Namibia a22
65000ha Big 5 Private Nature Reserve for Sale Namibia a17 65000ha Big 5 Private Nature Reserve for Sale Namibia a19
65000ha Big 5 Private Nature Reserve for Sale Namibia a20 65000ha Big 5 Private Nature Reserve for Sale Namibia a26
65000ha Big 5 Private Nature Reserve for Sale Namibia a27 65000ha Big 5 Private Nature Reserve for Sale Namibia a28
65000ha Big 5 Private Nature Reserve for Sale Namibia a29 65000ha Big 5 Private Nature Reserve for Sale Namibia a32
65000ha Big 5 Private Nature Reserve for Sale Namibia a30 65000ha Big 5 Private Nature Reserve for Sale Namibia a34
65000ha Big 5 Private Nature Reserve for Sale Namibia a35 65000ha Big 5 Private Nature Reserve for Sale Namibia a36
65000ha Big 5 Private Nature Reserve for Sale Namibia b2

Agent: Rudie Swanepoel. Tel Nr: +27823533448. E-mail: alternatively

This Private Game Reserve is unique in Southern Africa and perhaps even in the world. Reclaimed as part of a massive rehabilitation and conservation venture, the reserve is a treasure chest of naturally occurring Namibian wildlife and plant life. Systems instituted since 1998 have ensured the recovery of the ecological balance between vegetation, herbivores and predators, while careful management ensures that the numbers and diversity of species leads to sustainable land utilization and benefits for all in the area.

The restoration of the local wildlife to this Private Game Reserve has been particularly noteworthy. Creatures that were once hunted and persecuted have a safe haven here, where they are fully protected, and humans have taken a place as welcome guests in their environment. With its abundant wildlife, wide range of habitats and knowledgeable guides, the Game Reserve prides itself on providing a rich
co-experience, the best Namibia has to offer. Add to this five-star accommodation at the reserve and unmatched hospitality, and visitors have
the kind of experience that lives in memory for a lifetime.

  65 178 hectares (161 000-acres)

220 km by road from Hosea Kutako, Windhoek’s international airport. This Private Game Reserve is positioned, according to reserve owner like in the fairytale, everything about its location is ‘just right’. Far enough away from urbanization for its wildlife and plant life to thrive, it’s still close enough for most logistics not be a problem, and for access to vital services.

The farm consists of 2 title deeds which is registered in a Company and is VAT registered.

This premium thatched lodge offers the ultimate experience in an environment geared up for relaxed game viewing. Pathways wind through the camp to reveal our 48 luxury suites tucked between indigenous trees and soft green lawns. The perfect base for to forays into the exhilarating bush, and the spacious suites have all the charm, comfort and conveniences you’d expect of a top-flight resort. Spot various game species while walking through the camp, on the deck, or from the suite patio.

Reception with comfortable seating area, cloakrooms and a curio shop.  A 70-seater banqueting hall, Several types of accommodation like the elegant  suite, the VIP suite, 9 x superior suites, 30 x luxury suites, 5 x standard suites,  family units etc.
There is conference centre with state-of-the-art equipment. A spacious, spotless and super organized Kitchen as well as a butchery.

There is a staff village for the 230 employees

Rugged, with a touch of comfort and style, surrounded by unspoilt, game-rich bush. The reception and Farm stall. There are 14 self-catering chalets situated in a semi-circle overlooking a waterhole that’s floodlit at night. Each chalet has two bedrooms, each containing two single beds, and a bathroom with a spacious shower. The beds are dressed with crisp, clean linen. The open-plan living area has a dining table and chairs, a sleeper couch and a flat screen TV. The kitchen is equipped with a fridge, microwave, stove, pots, pans, kettle, toaster, crockery and cutlery. All rooms have a veranda and are equipped with an honesty bar, air-conditioner, Satellite TV (DStv), safe, hairdryer and coffee station.

There is a Campsite and  each campsite has its own bathroom with a toilet, solar-heated shower and hand basin, a fridge and washing-up and food-preparation area. Campsites have their own vehicle awning, picnic bench and a braai with adjustable grid.

There are several Storage rooms,  workshops, Vehicle and Aircraft hangers and repair shops etc. A smooth running operation.

This Reserve has over 1 000 km of roads serving a variety of people and purposes, from straightforward public thoroughfares through low-profile game-drive tracks to a one-of-a-kind mountain access.
Fence-maintenance road -  The reserve’s boundary fence is patrolled by vehicle daily, to ensure it’s in good repair.
Public roads – The Reserve is traversed by three public roads.
Graded roads - These main roads serve as guest access, service routes for deliveries to the camps, and firebreaks. Concrete weirs bolstered where necessary by gabions ensure safe vehicle crossings of watercourses during the rainy season.
Gravel-covered roads - These are the Reserve’s main guest-access routes, and are carefully - and expensively  engineered to be impervious to the heavy seasonal rains. The substantial gravel top layer comes from a quarry purpose-dug for this specific project.
Self-drive roads - There are four of these. Zebra Drive and Eland Drive are suitable for family cars. Riverine Drive and Canyon Drive (with its spectacular views) require 4X4s.
Two-track roads -These, winding throughout the reserve, are game-drive routes and are used only by our experienced drivers.
Gabon-covered road - This unique route up a mountain pass provides access to the Reserve’s main communication tower.

The Reserve’s entire 201 km network of fences is electrified, to ensure the safety of guests, staff and animals.
Each fence and gate is custom-designed and built to perfectly fulfill its purpose, whether for the camps and lodges, the guardhouses, the reintroduction bomas and breeding camps, or around boreholes and solar installations.

The 19-strand steel-dropper perimeter fence, which is straddled on both sides by an electrified tripwire, runs on a solar-powered low-ampere 9 000- to 11 000 volt system. Regular grass-clearing (using herbicide and bush-cutters) keeps the fence-line uncluttered. The unique low-angled electric fences separating wildlife and people at key places such as viewing spots and waterholes cleverly combine minimum visual disturbance with maximum safety, allowing guests to view even high-risk animals such as elephants, hippos and crocodiles from mere metres away. Designed and built for use specifically at the Reserve, these fences are now being introduced in reserves across Southern Africa

The Reserve’s  23 boreholes pump water for human use and consumption, while the 33 earth dams are used by the animals. These boreholes range from 50 to 150 m in depth, tapping below-ground water levels of 20 to 120 m. The boreholes situated further away from the main camps are powered by Grundfos solar pumps, with the others having 380V electric pumps. Flow rate varies from 1 500 to 20 000 litres per hour.
All the earth dams are fed by rainwater, which mean they're empty at certain times of the year. 12 earth dams are replenished by borehole water when they get low.
Gabions shore up and stabilize dam walls to keep them secure during the heavy water flows of the rainy season.

There is a great variety grasses and trees. A full detailed list of all the many trees are available upon request. Trees are not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing to the eye, as can be seen from pictures. A wide variety of indigenous trees cover these beautiful area forming a breathtaking tranquil landscape and being an important part of animal, bird and insect nutrition.

The Property is 20% semi mountainous and 80% semi flat with slight slopes everywhere.

The Farm is well balanced with a large variety of game. This region, being the center of the Southern African echo tourism heartbeat and Big 5 game reserves, and well known between local as well as overseas investors, has some of the largest trophy game in Namibia.

Animals includes:
Elephant, Rhino (White and Black), Hippo, Eland, Impala, Kudu, Giraffe,  Red hartebeest, Zebra,  Waterbuck, Springbuck, Blessbuck, Blue Wilde Beest,  Black Wilde Beest,  Oryx, Steenbuck, Klipspringer, Duiker, Warthog, Bushpig, Rock rabbit, Porcupine, Pangolin, Vervet monkey, Yellow mongoose, Honey badger, Hedgehog, Lesser bush baby, Tree squirrel etc. This farm has exceptional nocturnal life. Game Numbers will be given to serious and financial approved buyers.

Reptiles: there are many species which includes
Leguan (monitor lizard)
Lizards (many species)
Snakes (many species)
Chameleon and Tortoise

Birds of prey: endless species which also includes
Fish eagle
Black eagle
Snake eagle
Bateleur eagle
several species of the Owl family

Birds (many species)

Namibia is an unrivalled destination for those in search of a pristine wilderness experience. This vast land on Africa’s southwest coast is about as untouched as any place on earth. Politically stable and prosperous, Namibia has a relatively small population: with a surface area of about 825 000 km2, much of which is under desert, and about 2.1 million people, it’s one of the least populated countries in the world. And this translates into some of the most magnificent and dramatic wildlife habitats and wilderness areas on earth.

The desolate Namib Desert, with its towering dunes and awe-inspiring sense of space, is said to be the world’s oldest. The central plateau, with its thornbush savannah and rugged mountains rising abruptly from the plains, gives way to the majestic Fish River Canyon in the south. In the north of the country, landscapes range from dense bush and the open plains of the great Etosha Pan, to woodland savannah and lush vegetation. This type of Game Reserves do not come on the market very often. It is an opportunity you need to grap now!!

The Selling Price is calculated in American Dollars - Price: US$ 160 mill (This price excludes Namibian VAT should it be payable)