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100ha Nylstroom

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Agent: Rudie Swanepoel Tel: +27823533448
E-mail: alternatively

Farm: Undeveloped farm (4x4 Fanatic's play farm)

Size: 100ha

Location: Waterberg near Nylstroom (Modimolle)

Water: There is a bore hole, a fountain and a rivier that runs through the property. This river is a perennial river flowing and cascades/meander through the montains forming big pools...awesome to experience!!  

Developments: This property is totally underveloped. There is a home made ablutions down in one gorge bordering the river where the owner and his family usually camps and to get away from the hectic city life!!

Fencing: This farm is game fenced on 1 sides. The remaining sides are normal cattle fencing. Roads network roads on the farm are mainly suitable for extreme 4x4’s.

Impression: This 100 hectare farm is currently being used as a weekend break away farm. Due to the typography of this farm, it is suitable to be utilized as a nature farm, limited game breeding and hunting. Activities like quad bike trails on this farm will be the best ever.!! The grazing on this farm is predominant sourveld with little spots of sweetveld grazing. The wide variety of fauna and flora makes bird watching and tree identification a delight. The development potential is enormous!!

Typographic: The farm has a little of everything... rocky areas, plato’s, shallow gorges, plains...all which gives this farm a remarkable biome diversity. Typical trees like Boekenhout, Combretum, Acasia, Seringa, Maroela etc defines this property. It is ideal for some breeding and due to its locality and its regional position near JHB International Airport and Pretoria, tourism or just retirement is just perfect!!

Price: Price tag(excl. VAT should it be payable)