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1414ha Ficksburg

141ha Freestate (4) 141ha Freestate (7) 141ha Freestate (3)
141ha Freestate (9) 141ha Freestate (12) 141ha Freestate (13)
141ha Freestate (10) 141ha Freestate (14) 1414ha Freestate (20)
1414ha Freestate (68) 1414ha Freestate (70) 1414ha Freestate (58)
1414ha Freestate (3) 1414ha Freestate (1) 1414ha Freestate (4)
1414ha Freestate (18) 1414ha Freestate (16) 1414ha Freestate (2)
141ha Freestate (8) 141ha Freestate (11) 1414ha Freestate (64)
1414ha Freestate (28) 1414ha Freestate (9) 1414ha Freestate (30)

Agent:  Rudie Swanepoel. Tel Nr: +2782 353 3448 E-mail:  

Farm: Private Game Ranch

Size: This Nature Reserve is 1414 hectares.  150 Hectares are arable.  The grazing area is actually much larger than 1415 hectares because the border runs on the water shed and on some of the sides the mountain is inaccessible to the neighboring farmers so there is no fence on those sides and the cliffs form a natural fence.  The usable area is therefore probably 1800 hectares if not more.

Location: In the vicinity of Ficksburg in the Eastern Freestate which is 220 km from Bloemfontein, 330 km from Johannesburg and 480 km from Durban by road in the Eastern Freestate Province of South Africa.

Water: There is ample water even during the driest years.  Water is supplied to the buildings through a solar powered borehole with 8 000 litre storage tanks.  There are numerous fountains and seasonal as well as perennial streams.  Also seasonal waterfalls.  All water sources originate on the reserve which means it is unpolluted and safe for consumption.  There is an opportunity to bottle water commercially as well.

The reserve also has three dams.  Two large dams stocked with bass, carp and smallmouth yellowfish and a smaller dam stocked with brown and rainbow trout.  The potential is there to add numerous other dams.

Developments:  The current buildings are a two bedroom cottage, 3 rondavels and 1 small rondavel.  All built with Clarens sandstone.  These buildings can be used as a lodge and will offer sleeping space for 10 people.  There is also a 220 square metre barn in the process of being renovated and could also be turned into a lodge, management housing, etc.  If the new owner wants to turn these buildings into a lodge there is an incredibly beautiful spot where he can build a house for himself.  Two very neat 2 bedroom labourer houses each with solar power, wood stoves and dstv.

Slaughtering facilities.

There is a 100 meter shooting range.  There are four hiking trails, a horse riding trail and two 4 x 4 trails. The second 4 x 4 trail is not fully completed yet.  Two animal rehabilitation and release cages.

There is a raised bed vegetable garden, herb bed and fruit orchard for the use of employees and also the guests.  Also a compost heap and bins.  Everything is grown organically.  A micro irrigation system is installed in the vegetable garden and herb bed.

Only one permanent worker (the foreman) who knows the reserve and animals extremely well.  He has proven that he can manage the reserve easily without the owner being present.  He also holds a drivers license.  All the other workers are temp and are also excellent workers.  The new owner of course does not have to keep any of the workers if he does not want to because as per their contract we may give them 30 days notice.

Electricity: The reserve is completely independent from Eskom.  Power is supplied by solar power which is easily expandable up to 5kw.  Wind and water power can also easily be added to the system.

Game: The Follwoing game is included -
1 x Matetsi Sable Bull (Just add some heifers and start a very lucrative breeding program!)
1 x Gemsbuck Bull
±4 x Ostriches
±3 x Springbuck
3 x Tame Riding Horses
±5 x Impala
±30 x Zebra - approximate
±140 x Eland - approximate
±160 x Blesbuck - approximate
±2 x White Blesbuck Rams
±30 x Red Hartebeest - approximate
±140 x Black Wildebeest - approximate
Rhino were kept in a camp before so it will be easy to obtain permission again.  Free State Nature Conservation is extremely helpful unlike some other provinces.  Due to the climate diseases are a very low risk unlike warmer areas. Mountain Reedbuck, Common Duiker  and Steenbuck also occur here naturally. The value of the game is around R2 million. (Please note that animals are being counted monthly by foot and these figures are approximates.  If there are more or less animals than the figures below it will not affect the purchase price)

Fencing: The fences hold an adequate enclosure certificate and therefore hunting may be done throughout the year and hunters do not need hunting permits.  The reserve is perfect for both rifle and bow hunting.  Hunters return constantly due to the extreme beauty of the reserve.

Additional information: This reserve is nestled in-between other farms and in the mountains which makes it very save.  It does not border on any roads and the access road ends at the reserve which makes it very private and safe.  No other farms have access through the reserve. Bushman paintings and other historic structures are also on this farm and there are NO land claims.

Typographic: This must be one of the most spectacular farms in the eastern Free State Highlands and has incredible potential for all sorts of eco-tourism activities.  Tourism in the eastern Free State is growing rapidly including international tourists.  The reserve has it all.... mountains, valleys, gorges, fountains, streams, waterfalls and the most incredible views.  This is nature at its best.

The sandstone mountains offer breathtaking views to the nearby Maluti mountains in the mountain kingdom of Lesotho. The reserve is renowned for its scenic setting and boasts numerous wildlife species. Many towering sandstone cliffs, fountains and perennial and seasonal streams are found on the reserve. A seasonal waterfall drops into a deep wooded gorge. Three dams offer area shelter to an abundance of bird life.

Biologically it lies in a major ecological transitional zone resulting in a great diversity of habitats (both Drakensberg and Free State High Veld vegetation) and rare plant and animal communities with an affinity for rocky places, water courses and mixed vegetation, e.g. baboon, caracal, serval, genet, jackal, fox, otter, mongoose, dassie, porcupine and many others.  There are also many bird species associated with high mountains such as grey-wing francolin, ground woodpecker, stone chat, rock thrush, orange breasted rock jumper, rock kestrel, malachite and great double collared sun birds, bald ibis, gymnogene and black eagle.

The reserve has one of the best geological exposures of the top of the Karoo geological system.

Price: R 22.7mill  (excl. VAT should it be payable)

Assets: It is sold with everything included, except some personal items so the buyer can walk in and immediately start doing business or the wealthy business man can use it to impress and entertain.  It would even be perfect for the international buyer who wants to buy the most beautiful piece of African land while land is still fully available to international buyers.
The following are included in the sale:
•Complete solar system - Included is a 5kw pure sine wave inverter, 9 deep cycle batteries, 120 amp MPPT charge controller and 10 x 175 watt mono crystalline solar panels.
•1 x 5.5 kw petrol generator
•1 x 10 kw diesel generator
•3 x shipping containers for storage
•1 x Ford 6600 tractor
•1 x 3m trailer equipped with a ramp and winch to load carcasses.
•1 x small trailer
•2 x hoists at slaughtering facilities
•Several fire fighting venfire rucksack sprays and other fire fighting equipment
•1 x small dumper
•1 x grass cutter
•1 x dam scraper
•All furniture - the rondavels (chalets) and the two bedroom cottage are furnished with beautiful log furniture.
• All curtains
• All bedding - hotel quality
• All cutlery and crockery
• All towels
• Some fishing equipment
• 4 x gas fridges
• Gas stoves
• Gas geysers
• Borehole pump with solar system
• A printer and ups
• Satellite internet system worth in excess of R10 000
• High gain GSM antenna to boost cellular reception
• DSTV satellite dishes and decoders
• 1 x 45 inch Samsung HD LED TV.  2 x Small lcd TV's in the labourer houses.
• 1 x Weber Genesis gas braai worth R16 000
• Drum type wood/charcoal braais
• All gas bottle deposits
• Gas heaters
• 6 x RTS two-way radios
• Stihl brushcutter
• 2 x Chain saws
• 1 x Angle grinder
• All tools and other equipment
• All horse tack
• 1 x Inverter welding machine
• 1 x Microwave oven
• 1 x Bread machine
• 1 x Food blender
• 1000 liter portable plactic diesel tank
• 1000 liter water trailer
• Top of the range wireless alarm system in the cottage
• Another alarm system with numerous zones that can be installed in the other buildings