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325ha Waterberg


Agent: Rudie Swanepoel. Tel Nr: +2782 353 3448 E-mail:   alternatively

 325 hectares consisting of only one title deed.               

This Game Farm is located approximately 30 minutes drive km from the town of Mookgophong (Naboomspruit). The entrance to the game farm is clearly marked.

The farm consists of one title deed which is registered in a the Seller's Trust  and is VAT registered.
Province: Limpopo Province
Servitude’s:  No road subdivide any portion of the farm.

The Main house has 2 bedrooms, 2.5 bath rooms, a big kitchen, a living area with a bar area and pool table and a jacuzzi. There are two Rondawels (Rounded Chalets) as well as a hunter’s camp that can accommodate up to 8 people. This hunters’ camps also have two bathrooms and a kitchen area. House and Chalets are supplied by decent Solar system and a generator (if necessary).  No Eskom needed and totally off the grid.

Additional: There is a 12-meter-long Container used for storage, a butchery with cold room 2.4m x 3.0m in size. Staff quarters which has running water and there is a bathroom.
Assets: Most furniture and implements are included (eg. tractor, slasher, game drive vehicle, generator, etc)

This is a lovely Game Farm suitable for most sectors within the Game Farming Industry.

Game Farm in extend of 325 Hectares
Situated in a malaria free area, this Jewel of a game farm is ecologically superb with a rich mix of bushveld attractive views of koppies and mountains in the distance but consists of plains and a good grazing.

The farm roads give good access to all sections of the farm. The farm has several kilometers of roads plus plenty of additional trails.

Game Fence
The farm is fully game fenced with a 2,1m high, 21 strands in excellent game fencing which is in an excellent condition. There is 1 remote gate for entering farm road and 1 manual farm gate at the main entrance. The game fence is as required by Nature Conservation.

Breeding Camps
20ha breeding camp with 2,1 high, 21 strands electrified fence, divided in 4 camps with a boma in the centre.  All four camps have access through the boma. 

Breeding of Golden Wildebeest: 1 x golden Breeding Bull, 1 x golden cow, both with excellent genetics (DNA AND CHIP). 10 x F1 split cows and 4 x normal blue wildebeest cows.
2016 First Offspring: There are 8 Heifers born (DNA AND CHIP), 3 Golden Cows, 1 Golden bull (moved to camp with Golden cow for second Project), 1 F1 split Bull (MOVED INTO FARM), 2 F2 Split Cows 1 F1 Split Cow.

2017 Second Offspring: (Calving Season December 2017 till March 2018) – There are 8 Heifers born so far in this year’s Calving Season. 4 Golden Heifers, 1 F1 and 1 F2.

There is lots of Water on this farm. There are 3 Solar Equipped bore holes, 2 Big Earth dams supplied by natural fountains. 3 Natural fountains and 1 seasonal Stream. There are several Waterholes and a large cement dam reservoir. There are 3 x 10 000L JoJo Water Tanks and fire emergency filling point.
Note: The Game Farm have more water than what they can consume

There is a great variety grasses and trees. Herewith is a short list of just a few of the many trees:






 Sweet Thorn



 Scented Pod



 Red ivory



 Velvet bushwillow



 Large-fruited bushwillow






 Wild olive



 Weeping wattle






 Common taaibos



 Silver terminalia



 Small sourplum



 Large sourplum



 Buffalo thorn

Trees are not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing to the eye, as can be seen from pictures. A wide variety of indigenous trees cover these beautiful area forming a breathtaking tranquil landscape and being an important part of animal, bird and insect nutrition.

Dominant Grass Species:

Red Grass

Themeda triandra

Common Thatching Grass

Hyparrhenia hirta

White Buffalo

Panicum Coloratum

Common Russet Grass

Loudetia simple

Bristle-leaved Red Top

 Melinis nerviglumis

Couch Grass

Cynodon dactylon

Guinea Grass

Panicum maximum

Common Finger Grass

Digitaria eriantha

Mountain Bristle Grass

Setaria lindenbergiana

Weeping Love Grass

Eragrotis curvula

Herringbone Grass

Pogonarthria squarrosa

Blue Buffalo Grass

Cenchrus Ciliaris

The Farm is extremely well stocked but also well balanced with a large variety of game. This region, being the centre of the South African game breeding heartbeat, and well known for both hunting and breeding as well as tourism.

B/W beest 38,                   Impala 45,                     Zebra 43,                      Kudu 10,     
Blesbuck 21,                     Giraffe 4,                       Eland 3,                      Waterbuck 5,
R/H Beest 11,                   Ostrich 9,                       Emu 3.
Also occurring naturally on this property is Steenbuck, Duiker, Warthog, Bushbuck, Jackal, Brown Hyena & great variety of birds. Above Numbers are Estimates on Feb 2018 Game Count.

Leguan (monitor lizard)
Lizards (many species)
Snakes (many species)
Chameleon and Tortoise

Birds of prey:
Fish eagle
Black eagle
Snake eagle
Bateleur eagle

Birds (many species)

Suitable for
Eco-tourism, Rifle Hunting, Bow Hunting, Game Breeding, 4 x 4, Bird watching, Angling, Game Drives Walking Trails, Horse Trails and Photographic Safaris.

Farm Workers
There are only two laborers working on this farm.

There is o
ne managers which is very hands-on on everything and the farm is a low maintenance farm.

General Condition of Grazing
The grazing is in an excellent condition.
General Condition of Gravel Roads
Well-maintained road infra-Structure

Soil Type
 Red Soil, Wetlands and Sand.

This Game Farm has it all. The dominant nature scenes are that of a Serengeti alike type of Property. The views over the area can't be described. The portrait of the Waterberg Mountains and the Big 5 just around the corner, makes this an ideal hide away farm.

The artistic features of the horizon with the majestic mountains standing out high above anything else, makes this property part of a wilderness which has been long forgotten. This is natural...this is the way it should be. This is a tranquil hide away, nestled in an environment of unsurpassed natural beauty, where breath-taking vistas and a sense of openness are achieved in uncompromising beauty.

The Area
The owner of this farm is also proud breeders of the Golden Wildebeest, situated in the malaria free area of the World Heritage Waterberg Biosphere. 
Approximately 20min drive from Naboomspruit and a 1 hour and 40 minutes’ drive from Pretoria. 
Nearby attractions: Legend Golf Course “Home of the Extreme 19th Hole = less than 20min drive.
                            Entabeni Game Reserve and Safari with the famous Big 5 = less than 25min drive.
                            Doorndraai Dam one of the favoured for fishing and boating = less than 25min drive.
                            Bouncy Crock Farm =les than 30min drive.

The Selling Price is based on several factors pertaining to recent farm sales in the area as well as the size of the subject property. The Property is sold lock stock and barrel. Tractor, Implements, Vehicles and Equipment are included but will be on inventory for serious buyers
Price: R7.9mill   (This price excludes VAT should it be payable)