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6565 ha Botswana

6600ha Bostswana Game Farm For Sale 29
6600ha Bostswana Game Farm For Sale 1 6600ha Bostswana Game Farm For Sale 2
6600ha Bostswana Game Farm For Sale 12 6600ha Bostswana Game Farm For Sale 3
6600ha Bostswana Game Farm For Sale 31
6600ha Bostswana Game Farm For Sale 13 6600ha Bostswana Game Farm For Sale 14
6600ha Bostswana Game Farm For Sale 9 6600ha Bostswana Game Farm For Sale 8
6600ha Bostswana Game Farm For Sale 41 6600ha Bostswana Game Farm For Sale 38
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6600ha Bostswana Game Farm For Sale 21
6600ha Bostswana Game Farm For Sale 22 6600ha Bostswana Game Farm For Sale 24

Agent: Rudie Swanepoel. Tel Nr: +2782 353 3448 E-mail:   alternatively

Size: 6565ha. The property is 6km wide and 10km long. 

Location: Situated in Botswana where the property is 60km from Francistown. You will drive some distance on tar road and then on well-maintained gravel roads.
Nearest Town: Francistown is 60km from the farm and the facilities includes:
New International Airport
Private Clinic and Government Referral hospital

Ownership: This is a FREEHOLD ownership and a unique opportunity to purchase a well-run African Game Ranch.

Developments: The game ranch is characterized by its colonial style lodge with traditional thatched cottages.  There is also a manager’s house, staff accommodation, workshop and service areas.

Lodge area consists of:
Main house (600m lodge) situated on hill with 270 vista and has a Master bedroom with en-suite bath & shower. A Guest bedroom with shower, toilet etc. There is a large kitchen, sitting room & dining area, fire place, a cloak room, library alcove and an entrance “hall”.
Mezzanine floor TV area and store room, a laundry, an office area, a store room, yard, a swimming pool and 2 guest chalets with en-suite bathrooms.

There is a workshop, solar panels, generator room and staff housing, cold room.

Managers’ House: This house has a total floor area is 100m which comprised of one bedroom with en suite bathroom & toilet. Good size walk-in cupboard/store room, a sitting/dining with kitchenette open plan, pantry/store room. Veranda and car port for 2 vehicles.. this house is suitable for couple but would need to be added to for family.

Service area consists of:
workshop and generator room – all ruin on a solar system and battery room.
Other infrastructure: cottage on river, with some farm labour housing and camping facility.

Water: The property has a 7km of river frontage. Seasonal dams and artificial water holes sustain aquatic species and migrant birds as well as provide perennial water for the animals. There are
10 dams and several small erosion control structures.
2 working boreholes, supply the lodge, staff housing and water holes.
10 concrete water holes: 6 supplied by river well points and 4 by boreholes.
2 well points in the River which was recently refurbished.
15km of piping for waterholes and dwellings.

The property’s perimeter is fully game fenced (36km) with 2.4m Bonnox and high tensile steel game fencing. The fencing also has treated timber posts with steel standards and treated droppers.

Roads: The game ranch has 35km of all-weather roads and over 170km of game viewing / hunting tracks.

Game: There are many species resident in the area, including Wildebeest, Giraffe, Zebra and Hartebeest which have been introduced by the owners. The following game occur on the property and all game numbers are estimate game numbers.
Impala: 1800 – 2,000
Kudu: 350 – 400
Warthog: 300 – 350
Wildebeest: 180 – 240
Zebra: 70 – 90
Hartebeest: 50 – 70
Bushbuck: 30 – 50
Duiker:20 – 30
Steenbok: 150 – 200
Klipspringer: 20 – 30
Eland: 6
Baboon: 75
Giraffe:  15
Bushpig: 30 – 50
Leopard: up to 6 at one time
Spotted Hyena:  10 – 15
Brown Hyena:  6+
Also occuring naturally on the property is the Honey Badger, Civet, Serval, Lynx and others.

Birds: Undisturbed woodlands support both common and rare species, with a good balance of raptors, game birds and others.

Several nesting pairs of endangered Lappet Faced Vultures, White Backed Vultures, African Hawk Eagles, Tawny Eagles and other raptors. African Fish Eagles, Bat Hawks, Eagle Owls, Ground Hornbills, Black Storks, Kori Bustards, Ostrich, One European Stork, ringed in Poland, found on the ranch. Game birds comprise of Crested, Natal & Swainson’s Spurfowl, Guinea Fowl  and Double Banded Sandgrouse etc.

Typographic: This is a game ranch which consists of 7km of river frontage as well as another river bed that is running roughly north-west to south-east through the property and the property has several banded ironstone kopjies (rocky hills) near the one boundary. The property is mostly and gently undulating with mostly shallow gravelly soils. Areas of red soils, black expanding clays and granitic soils as well as the frequent ecotones covers this property. At the river’s  floodplain area are variety of different landforms. The game ranch has an interesting but diverse mixture of woodlands, thickets and towering riverine species. The dominant type of trees are the Colophospermum (Mopane) woodland as well as mixed Acacia veld in floodplain and river environs.

Potential: the economic potential of this game ranch is huge due to the Easy access for international tourists - the farm is 50 Kms from the Francistown international airport with direct flights from Johannesburg 3 times a week. It is also an ideal venue for both Rifle and Bow Hunting as well as wing shot safaris. the lodge lends itself to conversion and additions to accommodate suitable numbers of guests.

Ecotourism including game viewing, birding, guided bush walks, educational programs for all ages, horseback game viewing. There are also possibilities of joining with contiguous properties to create larger conservancy.

About Botswana: Botswana is the most politically stable and economically viable country in Africa. Sparsely populated (2 million in total) and there official language is English and there national language is Setswana. Botswana has hot summer temperatures with rainfall and cooler winters and Botswana is a world renowned tourist destination mostly due to the Okavango Delta.

Selling Price: The Selling price is levied in Botswana’s currency which is PULA and is as follows –
Land With infrastructure (6565ha @ P4 750.00 per hectare)Price tag
(Thirty Two Million Botswana Pula - Excluding Botswana Taxes if payable)

(Included is the selling price is the Tractors, machinery, boreholes & pumps, staff accommodation, Manager’s cottage, Slaughtering facility, cold room, bush camp, game viewing hides, piping, waterholes, fencing, roads, dams, etc. Game Value P 2,500,000.00. Lodge – 600m with generator, solar system, workshop, staff accommodation, outbuildings and small cottage on the banks of the river. It also includes some furniture and dcor item)