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99ha Naboomspruit

99ha Naboomspruit farm for sale (17)
99ha Naboomspruit farm for sale (4) 99ha Naboomspruit farm for sale (9)
99ha Naboomspruit farm for sale (25)
99ha Naboomspruit farm for sale (22) 99ha Naboomspruit farm for sale (2)
99ha Naboomspruit farm for sale (1) 99ha Naboomspruit farm for sale (6)
99ha Naboomspruit farm for sale (3) 99ha Naboomspruit farm for sale (7)
99ha Naboomspruit farm for sale (5) 99ha Naboomspruit farm for sale (14)
99ha Naboomspruit farm for sale (24) 99ha Naboomspruit farm for sale (8)

Agent: Daleen Rossouw Tel Nr: +27 82 851 6923 Email:

 99.7656 hectares

Waterberg near Naboomspruit. The Farm is situated in the Waterberg area just past Naboomspruit (now Mookgopong) which is 200 km North, North East of Pretoria. Oliver Thambo International (previously knows as Johannesburg International) Airport is only 220 km away by tarred road and 35 minutes away by chartered aircraft. Trips to the the Entabeni Big 5 Game Reserve and the Legend’s world renown golf resort is all within a few minutes’ drive from the farm, enable spectacular game viewing of the Big 5, which can be seen up close

The farm consists of one title deed which is registered in a private persons name that is registered for VAT.
Province: Limpopo Province, No servitude road registered.


The residential improvements comprises house, rondavel, storeroom and lean-to, which are constructed of brick and cement under low pitched & flat corrugated iron roofs. Basic finishes were used like rhino ceilings, with ceramic tiles and floated cement as floor covering.

Main House, offers 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, lounge, dining room, family, study, kitchen and scullery. The building has modern fittings and finishes in a good condition, no maintenance required in the near future.

There is a rondavel, laundry and 3 x garages loose standing from the main homestead, with floated cement as floor covering. These buildings are constructed of brick & plastered and painted under a low pitched iron roofing, in a fairly good condition.

There is a thatch lapa and concrete heated  swimming pool situated to the rear of the main house and a Tennis court. These improvements are in a good condition.

Agri-related improvements comprise storerooms, workshop area, lean-to's, a large citrus pack house (used by the owner to accommodate the citrus on his other farm nearby) and workers accommodation. These improvements are generally in a fairly condition, only normal on-going maintenance and repairs due to normal wear and tear.

Size for improvements 
Dwelling - middle class                                                347m
Garages                                                                     62m
Laundry & toreroom                                                    46m
Workshop - brick walls with finished concrete floors        120m
Store - brick walls with finished concrete floors & Elect.   376m
Lean-to with concrete floors                                          890m
Citrus pack house                                                        1,580m

Agricultural activities in the area are mainly focused on irrigation, dryland farming ,miscellaneous livestock farming and game farming.

The farm roads give good access to all sections of the farm. The farm has several kilometres of roads plus plenty of additional trails.
Game Fence
Fully game fenced accordingly to the requirements of the Dept. Nature Conservation. Game fences are regular patrolled by ground staff.  Electric fence around the House.

Boreholes   10  (Equiped )
Cement Irrigation Dam :  600 000 litre

Water rights
Registred rights: 90720 Cubic Metres  per annum

Rights ceded:  No

Irrigation surface area
Type of irrigation system:              Drip-irrigation
Potential of land under irrigation:   Medium potential
Crops under irrigation:                  Citrus
Extent of irrigable land:                 18 Ha (The Seller is in the process of erecting a 13ha Center Pivot

Supply:                           Eskom
Number of supply points: 1

Layout of the farm
The subject property has 6 camps with no natural drinking places, but plastic troughs are supplied in each camp.
These camps are effectively planned to adapt to the Field Management Programme, which is practiced on the subject property for livestock. Rest camps are incorporated into the Field Management Programme with success.

Field Management Practices include the treating, which is applied within the management of the field and includes cattle loads, animal ratios, pasture rotation, and pasture rest and veldt fires. Field Management Systems are the formulated programmes whereby Field Management Practices apply and refer to the quantity of camps per group of animals.

Field Management Interpretations refer to the arrangement of camps within a management system. These practices
are applied here. Pasture rotation is the consecutive grazing of different areas by a group of animals during the year, which prevents a whole field from being De-pastured at once. The basic aim is the improvement and/or maintenance of the field condition. Normally this type of field management is found only in cattle production systems because it is difficult to use it in game situations.

There are two forms of pasture rotation namely: high production grazing - that is the occupation of a camp by grazers until all the acceptable and desired species are utilized which will ensure rapid re-growth and high feed production; and high utilization grazing - that is the occupation of a camp by grazers until all the grass species are heavily grazed.

The property is virtually flat with no significant slopes in any directions.

Soil type
No soil tests was conducted, therefore no comments regarding the type of soil could be made, but it is suitable for
irrigation purposes. The soil is mainly a loam / clay texture type. Limited erosion noticed, drainage is fairly good.
Vegetation or grazing
Characteristic of this area is the fairly good natural grazing like Wild Finger, White Buffalo, Red-, Broad-leaved-, Kalahari Couch-, Couch-, Marsh and Silk-grass ECT. The grazing field is typical of the sweet grass fields which are found in the area with a fair grass covering after the fair rains of this summer raining season so far.

The farm is slightly covered with natural bush like "Vaalbos", raisin-bush, with minimum problem plants like Sickle Bush, Red and Black Thorn Busch visible on the farm. Where game is to be found on the land it is prevented to move between  this property and the neighboring properties due to a high quality game fence. The carrying capacity of the natural veldt in this vicinity is between 8 ha/LSU and 3 ha/LSU for permanent established grazing.

The farm is located in the Limpopo Province which is predominantly a summer rainfall area.The average rainfall for the area is 350mm-500mm per year. The average daily summer temperature is between 20C and 35C ,hailstorms occasionally occurs and the average daily winter temperature is between 0C and 20C. Frost do occur.

The Selling Price is based on several factors pertaining to recent farm sales in the area as well as the size of the subject property.
Price: R10.5mill   (This price excludes Transfer Duty / VAT should it be payable))