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206ha Vaalwater / Alma

20170209_150659 Cattle facilities (380 x 285)
DA (380 x 285) IMG-20170209-WA0040
Strong borehole (380 x 285) River- suction pipe for iirigation (380 x 285)
IMG-20170209-WA0054 Pampoene op lande (380 x 285)

Agent:  Andries du Toit. Tel Nr: +27832923833. E-mail:

Farm: Irrigation/Cattle/Game Farm

Size: 206

Location: In the vicinity of Alma, Limpopo Province, South Africa. In the heart of the Waterberg Plateau.

Potential: This is a well-developed irrigation farm with modern technology on the water system. This farm is ideally located within the Waterberg Biosphere and is  perfect for breeding game on an intensive system on irrigated pastures. Currently developed for intensive cattle farming. 

Water: Two km of river flow running through the farm. One earth dams. One sealed cement dam. Five equipped borehole:1. 80 m per hour
2. 50 m per hour
3. 20 m per hour
4. 20 m per hour
5. 20 m per hour.

Water righrs out of the Sand River. Total of 686 000m water usage under licence. (88ha irrigation)
Clean Waterberg water, purified by nature and ready for human consumption.

1 x 30 ha Centre Pivot (4000 series) -  10 mm Iwab irrigation package (Auto stop/start. Cellphone Alarm system)
1 x 30 ha Centre Pivot (8000 series) - 10 mm Iwab irrigation package (Auto stop/start. Cellphone Alarm system)

Rainfall: 550 - 600mm annually.

Temperatures: Summer  - max. 33 C and min. 17 C.
                         Winter  -   max. 21 C and min. 6 C.

Climate: The Waterberg Vaalwater area has a unique climate - something between sub tropic and lowveld bushveld. Tobacco, potatoes, pumpkins, cabage, maize and wheat is cultivated in the surrounding area.

During summer the night temperatures drop down to below 20 C, which makes it bearable without a need of airconditioning. 

Fencing: This farm is fully game fenced with a 2.1 m fence.

Main Shed – 1000 m
Farm Office
Open Carport

Cattle handling facilities and drinking troughs

Other Developments:
Staff housing (Eskom and water)

Three phase Eskom power.

Price: R8.45mill 
(excl. VAT should it be payable but including all movable assets)