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43ha Vaalwater

105 Vaalwater Plot (19) 105 Vaalwater Plot (24)
106 Vaaklwater plot (4) 105 Vaalwater Plot (5)
105 Vaalwater Plot (6) 105 Vaalwater Plot (22)
106 Vaaklwater plot (1) 105 Vaalwater Plot (1)
106 Vaaklwater plot (7) 105 Vaalwater Plot (26)
105 Vaalwater Plot (10) 105 Vaalwater Plot (17)

Agent: Rudie Swanepoel. Tel Nr: +2782 353 3448 E-mail:   alternatively

Farm: Weekend farm tucked away deep in the heart of the bushveld.

Size: 43ha

Location: In the vicinity of Vaalwater

Water: The water is pumped from the river with eskom power. 2 x 10 000l JoJo Water tanks and
2 x 5 000l water tanks

Developments:  This is a beautiful farm with natural beauty. The main house is a 320m house with 2 bedrooms, 2 and a hlarf bathroom, a lounge, study, family room, dinning room with fire place,  a crafts room,  kitchen (gas + electricity) as well as a lovely wood stove. There are 3 motor garage + a store room. Outbuilding is 275m. There is a 90m store room,  and 3 labor rooms which has an ablution and kitche. There are 2 encloses chicken houses, electrified fencing around the house, a Koi pond.

The 2nd House is constructed higher up the mountian with realy nice views. This house is in close proximity to the main house. It consists of a 1 bedroom with one bathroom house. a large lounge area wich is also an entrtainment area and a kitchen with gas and electricity. This is constrcuted from stone and solid rocks.

There is a third dwelling on this property which is a small 85m house with a flat roof. This house is a weekend dwelling and consists of  1 bedroom and 1 bathroom (en-suite).  It has an open plan kitchen,  dinning room and lounge area.  There is slate tiles throughout the house. There is solar and gas.

Game: Kudu, Warthog, Bushbuck, Duikers, Steen buck etc. do occur here naturally.

Fencing: This farm is fully game fenced according to the requirements of the Department of Nature Conservation.

Typographic: Nature is here at its best is far away from any noises, any pollution. There is an excellent balance between mountains, gorges and plains. Plenty big trees, which form the perfect African sunset over the horizon. This is also where the velvet monkey has the Birdseye view of the game farm. With typical warm weather, which forms part of this natural Wilderness, you will love the views of this farm, and the fireplace in the house is the place where many people experienced how to relax in Africa. Lodging in African style and culture, can make this farm a must for any person who wants to break away....far far away from everyone!!.

 Price: R2.85mill  (excl. VAT should it be payable)