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80 ha Nylstroom

80ha Nylstroom farm for sale (3) 80ha Nylstroom farm for sale (2)
80ha Nylstroom farm for sale (6) 80ha Nylstroom farm for sale (5)
80ha Nylstroom farm for sale (7) 80ha Nylstroom farm for sale (8)
80ha Nylstroom farm for sale (9) 80ha Nylstroom farm for sale (1)
80ha Nylstroom farm for sale (4) 80ha Nylstroom farm for sale (10)

Agent: Daleen Rossouw. Tel Nr: +27828516923. E-mail:

1) SIZE:
±80.1656 hectares –Combination Farm with irrigation potential, cattle and Game Breeding Farm


In the vicinity of Nylstroom (now Modimolle) , Limpopo Province, South Africa. This malaria-free area and this property is in close proximity to the well known Castle de Wildt game auctioneers.  This property is less than 140km from Pretoria (1H10min) drive.


The farm consists of one title deed which is registered in the Trust and is not registered for VAT.
Province: Limpopo Province
Servitudes:  There are no road servitudes that subdivide the property.

The property has the following developments on it:

Main House:
This house is 5 Bedroom house with 2,5 bathrooms,  TV room, a dining room, lounge area and kitchen, scullery with built-in pantry, workroom and office.  L shape veranda that is enclosed. Carport and Shade net parking.

In close proximity to the house is a rondavel, butchery with walk in refrigerator, chemical store and workshop and store room.

2nd House:
This is a 5 Bedroom house with 3 bathrooms, lounge area and open kitchen, dinning room, scullery, garage with 2 store rooms and open stoep.

Other Developments:
Fruit packing store of 159 Square meters, Open Shed, Canopy – drop off and Canopy to collect fruit, Closed steel shed, Ablution block and workers accommodation 296 Square meters
Escom 3 phase electricity.

This is a fantastic irrigation farm and  cattle and sheep farm.

The farm can be accessed from the tar road and the farm roads give good access to different sections of the farm.

Game Fence
8 km of the boundary are fully game fenced  with approximately 2 – 2.5 m high with 22 stands and the remainder is cattle fenced.

There are 14 boreholes on the property and 5 is fully equipped with approximate capacity of 62 000 litre per hour.  Three are utilized for irrigation purpose and one for cattle drinking water and two for domestic use. There are several water drinking holes on the farm as well as a cement reservoir at the house. They are still in the process of registration of the water rights.  

Rainfall: 500 - 800mm annually.

Temperatures: Summer  - max. 38 șC and min. 17 șC.
                          Winter  -   max. 27 șC and min. 5 șC.

Climate: The Modimolle area has a unique healthy climate. The summer night temperatures drop down to below 17 șC, which makes it bearable without a need of air-conditioning. 

Agricultural Land Use
The property comprise of farming unit and commercial livestock as well as small portion of table grapes production and irrigation land. The farm is well developed with infrastructure but need  some TLC.

Approximately 60 Ha well drained loam soil which is suitable for farming. 
Please note that 8.5 Ha of the vineyards and some of the fruit trees  have been destroyed in a fire during 2015.
Table Grape Vineyards                                                                                     10 ha
Land with irrigation ( used for tomatoes and lusern)                                             5 ha
Orchards with irrigation ( fig, mango, advocado and peach trees)                           1 ha
Sheep grazing camps ( 9 camps with planted grazing and 4 with natural grazing)  4.5 ha
Natural grazing - Cattle                                                                                    37 ha
Natural grazing- bushveld                                                                                 20 ha

There is some free roaming game on the farm.

This 80 ha is ideally situated of the N1. To get from Pretoria or Johannesburg unto this property is a breeze!! This have been one of the best grape production farms in the area before the veldt fire in 2015. This farm was also known for lots of fruit jam that was produced from the fig, mango and peach fruit trees.  This farm need a little TLC to be in production again. The property can be utilized for livestock grazing, fruit production or cash crops.    
This Farm has a ratio of 20% mountainous terrain and 80% flat to a very slight slope.  The  bushveld type consists of a mixture of grassland, trees and shrubs and open plains. The grazing is in a good condition with good ground cover. 

The Selling Price is based on several factors pertaining to recent farm sales in the area as well as the size of the subject property.
Price: R5.8 mill (This price excludes VAT should it be payable))