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25% Share in 820ha Game Farm Rooiberg

25% for sale in Game Farm 23 25% for sale in Game Farm 22
25% for sale in Game Farm 21 25% for sale in Game Farm 18
25% for sale in Game Farm 24 25% for sale in Game Farm 9
25% for sale in Game Farm 15 25% for sale in Game Farm 11
25% for sale in Game Farm 12 25% for sale in Game Farm 7
25% for sale in Game Farm 17 25% for sale in Game Farm 1

Agent: Rudie Swanepoel Tel: +27823533448
E-mail: alternatively

Size: 820ha Game Farm - four partners each owns 25% percent.

This beautiful and one of a kind farm is located between Rooiberg and Mabula in The Limpopo Province of South Africa. It is a 2 hour drive to the farm from Pretoria.

3 Equipped bore holes, 2 earth dams and 5 general drinking holes and the rainfall is average 700mm per year.

Developments –
Each shareholder has his own lodge. There are four lodges. The sale of this 25% share consists of a lodge plus 25% share in the whole 820ha game farm (including game). The lodge is securely located deep within the bushveld and it is here where a hot cup of Coffee tastes at is best so early in the morning as the sun rays pictures a portrait of colors when dew drops reflecting the early rays. 

The value of the game on the farm is between R750,000 and R1mill and consists of Impalas, Njalas, Waterbuck, Giraffes, Zebras, Kudus, B/W Besst, R/H Beest and Reedbuck. The Game population are  controlled by either hunting and/or game catching. This is done accordingly to standard game farm management to ensure no overgrazing and to maintain a good balance in fauna and flora.

Grazing: T
here is a good balance between sweet and sour grazing but overall the current farm’s grazing is in a very good condition.

Nestled between valleys and mountains in the Limpopo region of Bela Bela is this 820ha hectare farm with excellent balanced sweet and sour veld grazing as well as some mountainous terrain and Serengeti alike grass plains with a huge diversity of plants, scrubs and some tree species. This property offers excellent opportunities for any serious nature lover. Fantastic views from all over the farm towards the mountain range in the distance that makes this picture just right!!. The joys of a bygone era await you. Exquisite synthesis of nature's wild pulse with the sophisticated sublimity of our renown Waterberg comfort and personality awaits your arrival.

Price: The asking price of 25% share is R3.9mill (VAT excluded should it be payable) 
The Seller is also prepared to sell his shares to two buyers with each buying a
12.5% share at R2.1mill  (VAT excluded should it be payable)