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325ha Modimolle

325ha Modimolle Game Farm for Sale (2) 325ha Modimolle Game Farm for Sale (3)
325ha Modimolle Game Farm for Sale (4) 325ha Modimolle Game Farm for Sale (5)
325ha Modimolle Game Farm for Sale (6) 325ha Modimolle Game Farm for Sale (7)
325ha Modimolle Game Farm for Sale (8) 325ha Modimolle Game Farm for Sale (9)
325ha Modimolle Game Farm for Sale (11) 325ha Modimolle Game Farm for Sale (13)
325ha Modimolle Game Farm for Sale (14) 325ha Modimolle Game Farm for Sale (1)

Agent: Rudie Swanepoel. Tel Nr: +27823533448. E-mail: alternatively

 ±325 hectares

In the vicinity of Nylstroom (Modimolle), Limpopo Province, South Africa. Part of the bigger Waterberg mountains.  The farm is less than which is ±135 km North, North East of Pretoria. Oliver Tambo International (previously known as Johannesburg International) Airport is only 195 km away by tarred road and 25 minutes away by chartered aircraft to Modimolle’s airfield.

Trips to Big 5 game reserves are within a few minutes’ drive from the farm which enables spectacular game viewing of the Big 5, which can be seen up close and personal.

The farm consists of 5 title deeds which is registered in a Close Corporation and is VAT registered. The property can be bought out of the current CC
Province: Limpopo Province
Servitude’s:  There is 4 hectares on the opposite side of the road.

The property has the following developments on it: 

Main House: 
This is a 4 bedroomed tile roof house with 2 full bathrooms, veranda, kitchen, large lounge and dining room, family room and bar. This house is situated on an elevated portion on the farm overlooking Waterberg Mountains surrounding Modimolle.

Manager’s House:
The Manager’s house is a double storey brick house with 2 bedrooms, 1-bathroom kitchen, dining room and lounge area. This is a thatched roof.

Guest House:
Guest cottage is a thatched roof house with 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom and a kitchen.

Additional buildings:
There are 2 store rooms (Sheds) – one is an open shed and one is a closed shed.
Staff housing – there are 4 rooms.

Eskom power - there are 2 X 25kva Eskom Transformers.

This is one Superb Game Farm

Game Farm in extend of ±325Hectares
Situated in a malaria free area, this Jewel of a game farm is ecologically superb with a rich bushveld and totally flat savannah areas.

The is open savannah to typical bushveld nature scenery with one seasonal sprouts that runs through the property and three ground dams that complete the scenery. 

The farm roads give good access to different sections of the farm. The farm has several kilometres of roads plus plenty of additional easy accessible game trails to explore the farm by foot.

Game Fence
Fully game fenced accordingly to the requirements of the Dept. Nature Conservation. Game fences are regular patrolled by ground staff. In very good condition.
The game breeding camps is 2,4m high with electrified game fence and it is cladded with predator proof wire.

Game Breeding Camps
There are
4 x 45 ha breeding camps and 4 x 25 ha - 3 camps operate on a crossover camp system with gates for easy access between the camps and to move game from one camp to another. There is a house camp of 40 ha and the Bushbuck camp which is only 5 ha.

There are two strong boreholes providing combined 12 000 l per hou
r. The 2 Boreholes is equipped with electrical submersible pumps. The property has a seasonal stream and 2 seasonal earth dams.

There is a total of 20 000 litres of water storage tanks. The water network in all camps are well reticulated and works on gravitation feed. There is a total of 10 water Cribs

Rainfall: 550 - 600mm annually.

  Summer  - max. 30 șC and min. 17 șC.
                          Winter    - max. 22 șC and min. 5 șC.

Climate:  The Waterberg Nylstroom area has a unique healthy climate. The summer night temperatures drop down to below 20 șC, which makes it bearable without a need of air-conditioning. 

There is a great variety grasses and trees. Herewith is a short list of just a few of the many trees:



 Blue thorn






 Red ivory






 Velvet bushwillow



 Large-fruited bushwillow



 Wild olive



 Common resin tree






 Weeping wattle






 Common taaibos


 Birrea subsp. Caffra




 African flame tree






 Silver terminalia



 Large sourplum



 Buffalo thorn

Trees are not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing to the eye, as can be seen from pictures. A wide variety of indigenous trees cover these beautiful areas forming a breath taking tranquil landscape and being an important part of animal, bird and insect nutrition.

Dominant Grass Species:

Red Grass

Themeda triandra

Common Thatching Grass

Hyparrhenia hirta

Spear Grass

Heteropogon contortus

Common Russet Grass

Loudetia simple

Bristle-leaved Red Top

 Melinis nerviglumis

Couch Grass

Cynodon dactylon

Guinea Grass

Panicum maximum

Common Finger Grass

Digitaria eriantha

Mountain Bristle Grass

Setaria lindenbergiana

Weeping Love Grass

Eragrotis curvula

Herringbone Grass

Pogonarthria squarrosa

Natal Red Top

Melinis repens

The Farm is a perfect small to medium exotic breeding farm.

The following game is included in the selling price.
Impala ± 30 (F1 and F2 - mixed ages)
Kudu  ± 10
Nyala  ± 5
Common Rhee buck  ±5
Blesbok ± 5

Breeding Game:

Any and all breeding game are excluded but could be negotiated with the Seller.

Leguan (monitor lizard)
Lizards (many species)
Snakes (many species)
Chameleon and Tortoise

Birds of prey:
Fish eagle
Black eagle
Snake eagle
Bateleur eagle
Birds (many species)

This 325ha is a game farm that is more than ready for any person that wants to step in and start a new venture. The potential is enormous. This is a well-balanced game farm in terms of open Savannah, bush areas, sweet and sour veld etc. The water on this farm is an extra bonus. This farm is easily accessed from the tar road onto a short distance gravel road - close enough to town but far enough not to see light or noise pollution. What do you want more??? Not to small but big enough!!
This Game Farm has a ratio of 10% elevated ridge and the rest is flat typography with beautiful open Serengeti-alike plains with breath-taking views. The large Fig trees make any game drive a pure joy! This mixture of typography creates a diversity of habitats throughout the farm which makes it haven to a large variety of game species
The Selling Price is based on several factors pertaining to recent farm sales in the area as well as the size of the subject property.
Price: R 6.5 mill (This price excludes VAT should it be payable)