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Click on the Photo to view this 65 178ha Private Nature Reserve for Sale Namibia

65 178ha  *NEW*   NAMIBIA  *NEW*
An opportunity to invest in and sustain one of the greatest collections of African wildlife. This 65 178 hectares (161 000 acres) Private  Game Reserve is the single most pristine and luxurious eco-tourism destination currently in Namibia. The Reserve will make a prestigious addition to your personal property assets portfolio which is an incredible lifestyle, social upliftment conservation and humanitarian benefit asset to have. This property have over 140 Elephants, 24 lions roaming freely all over the reserve and the 10 Cheetah . . . (more)

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455 ha *NEW*  Rooiberg  *NEW*
An exquisite privately-owned game farm is situated in the well-known Rooiberg Region of the Limpopo Province in South Africa. A 455-hectare Gem which forms part of the 11 400-hectare Elandsberg Nature Reserve. In the heart of this exquisite Game Reserve is the World Record living Kudu Bull…MR WOW!! Buying this 455ha Full Title Game farm ensures your share in both Mr. WOW and all the current other Breeding hears of both Buffalo, Sable etc. The sale of this 455ha property is a rare opportunity to be part of something larger. . . (more)

Under Offer

801 ha *NEW*  Nylstroom  *NEW*
An exclusive privately owned Combination game, cattle & irrigation farm situated in the well-known Springbokflats of the Limpopo Province in South Africa in close proximity to Modimolle. Engage all five of your senses as you become one with nature on a footpath through this untouched wilderness and through this majestic bushveld scenery Nature’s tranquillity makes you aware of the smaller things that surround us and make up this incredibly property. You will enjoy every moment in the wild as you are surrounded by the many aural sounds! . . . (more)

Click on photo to view this 4013 hectare Game Farm For Sale

The African wilderness is vital to mankind and so is one of the greatest gifts Africa can offer you… a unique 4013 hectare of open space with luxurious developments designed to take full advantage of the spectacular uninterrupted wilderness. There is a sunny lightness and warmth about this game farm. There are no words to describe the true beauty of what this property can offer any investor. The game farm have a “Kruger Park” feel to it. This is a property where most plains game is thriving and even game breeding is doing above all . . . (more)

Click on nthe photo to view this 1034ha Free State Spectacular Farm for sale

1034 ha *NEW*  FREE STATE  *NEW*
Nestled between Mountains and bordering the magnificent Orange River, lies plains and hillocks of pristine Karoo Veld. This 1034 hectare  farm is home to plains game like Kudu, Zebra, Red Harte Beest, Blesbuck,  Impala, Springbuck and other small game. The Residence is a newly built House on top of a mountain with 270 views of plains, mountains and the Orange river meandering through a gorge. The most spectacular Sunsets from the house's main entertainments area or Boma is just unimaginable . . . (more)

451ha Top 10

451 ha *NEW*  VAALWATER  *NEW*
This 451 ha property is a complete running concern. A property which is a good combination farm consisting Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Horses and Game for hinting purposes. This is an exquisite property with a magnificent home. Yes, a well-developed game and cattle breeding farm. A 2.1km river frontage. Very sought-after location. Game and Cattle included in the price. Strong underground Water. It almost feels like you are entering another world, once you are on this property. With a neat garden and priceless sunset views . . . (more)

Click on the photo to view more on this 800 ha Waterberg farm for sale

800 ha *NEW*  VAALWATER  *NEW*
The Perfect Property &  perfect game farm!!! This 800ha bushveld game farm has very neat developments and is not at all over developed. This is currently used as a weekend retreat with good game numbers and it is also a very nice hunting farm as well as game breeding. There are 9 game breeding camps. The fencing is very very neat and everything is extremely neat and well looked after. The veld management on this property was done over several years and this is a joy to drive on this game farm and yet, the best. . . (more)

Click here to view this 1095 ha farm for sale Modimolle

1095 ha *NEW*  VAALWATER  *NEW*
This 1095 ha is the Waterberg’s “cream of the crop” farm. It's developments is extremely neat, well designed and truly made for kings. Due to the typographic nature of this game farm, the condition of the natural flora and it's diversity, the character of this property makes it the most perfect game farm in the Waterberg. Due to its location - which is an inner farm - privacy is guaranteed and this this farm is also suitable to be incorporated in to the tourism field. Currently it serves a private game and hunting farm with . . . (more)

Click on the photo to view this 815ha Bela Bela Game Farm for Sale

815 ha   *NEW*  BELA BELA  *NEW*
Located in the Malaria Free north of Pretoria in South Africa, near Mabula Big 5 reserve as well as Mabelingwe Big 5 reserve and also in close proximity to Zebula and Elements Golf Courses.... in the Billionaires Belt of the Limpopo Province is this truly well managed and well developed Private Game and Hunting farm with a 10ha Breeding Camp for Sable. Overlooking the well known Waterberg Mountain, releases a pulse to the rhythm of Africa’s heartbeat deep within your soul. This game farm proudly portrays a true picture of nature and .
. . (more)

Click on photo to view this 750ha Game Breeding and Hunting Farm for Sale

This exquisite privately owned game breeding farm and lodge in situated at the foot of the Waterberg mountains in the Limpopo Bushveld.  A unique experience of comfort and serenity is offered in the company of various plant, bird and wildlife. The African fish eagle, giraffe, and trees like the massive Marula and wild Fig trees is sure to leave images that will linger in your mind for long. This farm is any bow hunters dream farm. The Sable breeding camps is a steady income generator. . . (more)

Click on this pick to view the detail of this 8623ha  Farm

8623 ha  *NEW* ELLISRAS *NEW*
This 8623-hectare Immaculate Game and Hunting Destination Farm in South Africa is now for sale!!! The owner constructed such a stunning Safari Lodge with additional developments on this South African Game Ranch. There is a rich ecosystem where wildlife species roam free while you enjoy the prolific wildlife scenes in a wilderness that is untamed and you truly feel one with your surroundings. Enjoy life on this farm in tranquility and in a distance you can hear the trumpet call of a heard of Elephants as they elegantly feed of the !!!!. . . (more)

Click on Photo to view this 414ha Bela Bela  Game Lodge for Sale

414 ha     BELA BELA 
This is an exquisite Game Lodge and Conference Center situated at the magnificent foothills of the well-known Waterberg Mountains in the Limpopo Province of South Africa near Bela Bela. This is more than a Private Game Farm and more than a dream Lodge…this is an authentically South African wildlife experience, matched with sincere commitment and passionate conservation of the environment. Hidden away from the hectic cityon this farm are 3 Lodges and several chalets. A prefect wedding venue
. . . (more)

Click on the photos to view this 925ha Roedtan  Game farm

This is a newly well-developed game farm with room for expanding its agricultural leg. This farm is ideally located and is perfect for game breeding, agriculture and or any game lodge development.
This Game Farm consists of mainly flat typography, Sloping slightly from the West to the East. Total of 18 km of game fencing with 11 breeding camps. There is an irrigation section consisting of Pecan Nuts 2500 trees 20ha, Pomegranates 1000 trees 5ha. Age of the different trees differ between 2 and 4 years - all under drip irrigation (25 ha)
. . . (more)

Clcik on the photo to view this 623ha Farm For Sale Vaalwater

Newly built Three en-suite bedroom lodge with kitchen, pantry, scullery, bar and entertainment area. Three Bedroom modern thatched house. One en-suite bedroom with dressing room. Two bedrooms sharing second bathroom. Open plan modern kitchen, living and TV area. Open plan living area. Twelve breeding camps. Bush management done on three of them. The bush that has been cut was chipped to put the organic material back into the soil. This farm is certified and has exemption for Buffalo, Sable antelope . . . (more)

Click on Photo to view this 2645ha Farm For Sale in the Waterberg

2645 ha       WATERBERG
This 2645ha is one of the best combinations farms on the market. Game and Irrigation, as well as cattle….all this in close proximity to Naboomspruit (Mookgopong) yet, you are out of the town's hustle and bustle. This farm has been well designed to allow ample space to for the cattle and the irrigation section. The rest is the open space where game roams freely around. There are 4 Luxury houses built on the edge of a 17km river stretch - stunning views and what an experience to hear the watter dribble over the rocks while you  . . . (more)

Click on the photo to view more about this 2200 Ha Game Farm for sale in Vaalwater

2200 ha  VAALWATER
This breathtaking Game Farm consists of a mixture of sloping flats, mountainous areas, river ravines, sand banks, some between hi cliffs, white water rapids, swimming pools within the river, plateau areas, valleys and earth dams. Rocky outcrops, overlooking the sloping hills of the Waterberg escarpment. The farm steps up with mountains and cliffs creating awesome views onto flat parts of the farm as the river meanders away in the distance. This mixture of typography creates a diversity of habitats throughout the farm which makes it a haven to . . . . (more)

620ha Farm for sale Naboom

This Game Breeding farm is situated at the foothills of the Waterberg in the Naboomspruit regions. The farm consists of 620ha of fenced camps for the breeding of rare game species and a portion for free roaming game. The breeding area has been properly planned and divided into various intensive breeding camps, complemented by extensive breeding areas for specific species. This one of only a view farms where the farm is not “over developed”. The farm has one big 7 bedroom villa built on top of a mountain overlooking 4 large dams where have the birds eye view ...(more)

754ha Waterberg Game Lodge for sale

The sophisticated design of this 757ha Game Lodge as well as the “perfect portrait” setting of this Lodge, makes this the ideal property with a superb venue to own. Dedicated facilities make the game farm a perfect wedding destination. This main Lodge has a Full Guest Reception & Restaurant Facilities. An outdoor Chapel Seating 120 guests with Podium and Registration table. This 757ha game ranch is a spectacular game farm with magnificent developments and endless views over mountains and valleys. This is not your ordinary game ranch. . . . (more)

Click on photo to view more of this 1516ha Game Farm with Lodge for sale

1516 ha     VAALWATER
This 1516 hectare Game Farm has it all. There are beautiful plains, a river with huge dams, rocky outcrops,  views and a stunning lodge. This property is perfect for breeding,  hunting and tourism. This is the type of property that you can “show off” with. Everything is very neat and the road network on this property is stunning. This is a typical property that I would recommend to any person that is used to the better things in life and those who appreciate nature!! There are beautiful gorges and the different eco systems on this property . . . (more)

Click on the photo to view this 27092ha Botswana Game Farm for sale

27092 ha   BOTSWANA
This property is a rare opportunity to acquire a large, fully developed, consolidated, ranch in Botswana, a prosperous southern African country known as the most peaceful and democratic in Africa. This is a hunting safari property with large and healthy populations of all the Kalahari species. This Game and Hunting ranch has a luxurious safari lodge, hunting hides, rifle range, cool room, developed water infrastructure and an established reputation for premium trophy hunting and much more. This property hasa section where the owners . . (more)

660ha Farm for Sale (27)a

660 ha       BELA BELA
exotic game breeding farm is situated less than 1H30 min drive from Pretoria. The Property has one farm house which is currently used as a Managers house and there are a total of 3 Chalets. This game farm has a 99% flat surface topography, yet well-balanced between planted grazing pastures and denser bush areas with large trees areas. The soil appears to be a red sandy loam in almost all areas of the property. This private exotic game breeding farm is best utilized for agricultural purposes, but in the game breeding sector as it is fully developed to be . . .

Click on the photos to view the 3075ha Ellisras Hunting Farm for Sale

3075 ha     ELLISRAS
This 3075ha is a game farm that is more than just a piece of land or a place to keep wildlife. This is a place where all the game can be seen up close and personal. Indigenous wildlife in its natural habitat on this farm makes this one of the best game farms to hunt and to be part of what generations can inherit.  This is a hunting farm with views of vast flat landscapes and beautiful scenery where the game roams freely around…. The beauty and diversity of vegetation and landscapes and the bonus water and  . . . (more)

Click on Photo to view Shelly Point Hotel and Development for Sale

              WEST COAST
Shelley Point, covering an area of 150 hectares stretches from Stompneusbaai in the east, Shell Bay to the north and looks back over Golden Mile to the west. This 88 bedroom Hotel is for sale and is situated in the centre of the Shelley Point development. Shelley Point is a beautiful west coast peninsula fringed by three natural bays and sandy white beaches. This area enjoys the best features of the Cape’s Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild winters, all within easy reach of Cape Town (90 minutes drive).The emphasis is . . . (more)

Click on th photo to view this 599ha Game Breeding and game lodge for sale

600 ha       NABOOMSPRUIT
This 600ha is a game lodge and breeding farm is situated in close proximity of one of the Limpopo Province biggest tourist attractions. This Lodge has been sensitively designed to allow ample space to relax, unwind and savour the tranquillity of the bush. An exquisitely furnished lodge gives you an intimate state of relaxation and the restaurant area is the perfect meeting places for all guests. Game breeding includes Buffalo,  Sable,  Golden Wilde Beest and Nyala. Intensive breeding on this game farm is evident when you see the . . . (more)

950ha Vaalwater for sale (21)

940 ha         VAALWATER
This is one of the most perfect farms for GAME BREEDING as the farm has has lovely grazing pastures and its water reticulation is well laid out all over the whole farm in terms of a supply point per area.. Situated in the Limpopo Province of South Africa in close proximity to Vaalwater is a hidden part of the Waterberg. The development overlooks the farm and typical views of game roaming the savannas while the horizon paints a portrait of Africa. Sunsets on this property is like an ever-changing picture. This beautiful Waterberg Biosphere gem is
. . .

Click on Photo to view 342ha Naboomspruit Game Farm For Sale (2)

This is a boutique Game Farm is situated on the Springbokflats. It is a sweetveld haven and the ideal farm to excel in game breeding because of the vegetation and the typography is mainly flat. The added bonus is of course the neat developments. There is a lovely thatch roof 3 bedroom house with 3 bathrooms, a lounge, dining room, kitchen, upper floor office area and BBQ Boma. There is an additional accommodation area which is the hunters camp where 20 people could be accommodated. The Seller is in the process of building a . . . . (more)

If you are interested in one of these Game farms, please send me an E-mail and I send you a full description of the property and some more photos. If this is not what you are looking for, please send me your Requirements, and I will make sure you get  what you want.